Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog: Influence

It's that time again! 


I'm linking up with Ashley at 5ohWifey and Erin at Sweetness Itself for The Girl Behind the Blog Vlog link up! This month we're talking about who influences us and how we hope to influence others. 

Thank you so much for watching!

And while I've got your attention, I have a big favor to ask!  My youth group in Austin has an amazingly talented worship band, led by my very gifted boyfriend. They've entered a contest for the chance to perform at Spirit Fest in Austin this fall, alongside Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, Britt Nicole and lots more! Head over to the contest page and vote for them. You can vote once a day, and spread the word. These students have such a heart for praising our God and desire to give Him all the glory through this. I would greatly appreciate it and I know that they definitely would. Help them use their influence for the glory of the Lord. 

When you click the link above, it should take your directly to their entry- Cannons by David Valdez.


  1. This was a fun little video! It's nice to see such passion and enthusiasm for who you are in Christ and the things you care about!

  2. I miss talking with you girl! You truly are an inspiration! So much so that I went and recorded a vlog and linked up. haha I'm crazy.

  3. Ok.. i've watched all of these and you're the first person to say the biggest influence in your life is Jesus. UGH, why didnt I think of that haha. Its amazing how rude people are to those in the service industry- and I love that you say how would we behave if we saw others how God saw them.I am sooooo excited to meet you girl!

    1. PS i want to vote but you didnt share the name of the youth group.. i want to vote for the right people

    2. haha it's funny because I did say initially that obviously God is ultimately the biggest influence but that he's spoken through others to me, and then I cut it out to try to keep the time down =)

  4. Point blank. You are wonderful and such a positive influence on me :) I cam from a small town, so I know that small town close-knit community thing and the influence it has on you. Also, I was extremely influenced by my mom who is the most wonderful woman in the world. Yay for great moms. Oh, and of course Jesus, the best guy in the entire world!!! :) Love ya girl. Happy Wednesday!

  5. You are a delight to watch. Its easy to forget the influence we have in every day interactions with people, I'm glad you see the importance of that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are amazing. You have such a sweet heart and spirit. And you just shine for Jesus :) really. I love what you said about Jesus being your main influence and how your best friend reminds you to never stop dreaming :)
    I love that you grew up in a small town - so fun and such a great life experience.

    Just love you, friend. And cannot wait to meet you!! YAY! So glad we are roommates.

  7. You are truly an encourager, you have a gift! This video makes me want to listen to you more!

  8. You are so sweet! This was very encouraging... I feel like so many of your thoughts came from my heart and head! :) I love what you said about why you post recipes! SO TRUE. God wants us to delight in the world, people, and experiences He created. I don't think He means for us to be drudges to the Gospel. Happy people who enjoy life are a lot more inviting!
    xo Alanna

  9. I just watched your video and enjoyed it. I love how you take the time to care for the waiter at the restaurant. I hope you have a blast at the Influence Conference.
    Alesha <3

  10. okay, missy, sucking up to Jesus does not get you a bigger mansion in heaven! hahaha!

    i had to laugh when you talked about textures in food because i am one of those people who will approve or reject a food completely based on texture.


    i love what you had to say about people and seeing with God's eyes, and talking about how He gives us so much He didn't have to! i love your heart. i can't wait to pour mine out with yours at influence! so thankful for you. eep! two weeks, lady! two weeks from this very moment we will be in INDY!

  11. Hey beautiful!
    I just have to say - I love your accent. :D You have a sweet voice and you overflow with God's goodness.
    And as such, I'm glad you're a girl who has influence - and that you share it over me through your blog! :) I {heart} your wisdom! xo
    PS. Have fun at the conference!

  12. I love GBB! Cute video girl, and have fun at the conference!

  13. LOVE this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And if we didn't already have enough in common, my boyfriend also is the worship leader for our youth group of about 300 at our church....haha! So I will definitely be voting your you guys! Good luck! :)

  14. You are SO sweet! I love your heart. And all the areas of influence that you mentioned. That comment about going to Austin and people saying they'll pray for you is funny. I grew up in Vegas, the city of sin, right? And yet there are so many incredible Christians in this town who just have a heart for Him and for expanding His kingdom in a place that is otherwise considered lost!

    And about food, I love that you post your recipes!! Keep doing what you love. We used to go to a church where the pastor reminded us all the time about how everything we do should cultivate thanksgiving in our hearts towards God and the example he always used was food. When we eat it should be just another way to worship and thank Him for all the blessings He's given us!

  15. first of all, wow! you are SO adorable =) I love your heart and everything you said here, and it's all the same things I feel and believe but you said it 20 times better. I think you must be a good speaker. I completely SUCK at saying stuff unless I've thought about what I'm going to say beforehand! (definitely didn't for my vlog) I'm so jealous of all of you going to the Influence conference!!! but I hope you have a great time!

  16. oh, and I was going to say, I voted and I have the tab open so that hopefully I remember to keep voting =) thanks for stopping by our blog!

  17. I loved this! You are a beautiful person and your love for Jesus is amazing. Truly inspiring. Thanks for your words that are so encouraging!

    Love your blog!! :)
    Have a lovely week!



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