Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog Vlog, Part V: Begin, Accomplish, or Change


It's time for another vlog!
I am pretty excited about the prompt this month. It's all about the dreams and goals that you have that may get pushed aside because of practicality. I'm sharing a little bit about where my journey will take me in the next month and how I hope to respond!

Check out the others here and send some love and encouragement to all of the goals and dreams!

Introduce yourself and your blog
What is one thing you are hoping to Begin, Accomplish, or Change?
Why is this goal important to you?
What are your plans to achieve this goal?

I would complain about the thumbnail but aren't everyone's awful? 

* sorry about all of the umms, lost thoughts and repetition! definitely not a speaker ;) *


  1. You are so pretty!! You did a great job! Thanks for stopping by our blog and for the sweet comment! It's great to meet another Christian:)

  2. You are so CUTE!!! I cant wait to meet in October and give you a great big hug!! I LOVE your heart and passion to work in youth ministry. Im SO excited for you that you are heading to seminary woop woop!! =)
    Cant wait to see what awesome Etsy items you end up selling =) =)
    Much Love and hugs!!

  3. cutie pie! and this is so amazing.
    you are such a beautiful woman of God and SUCH an inspiration to me! and i am praying for you and this big adventure you're about to embark on!

  4. Hello again lovely! Is it next week already? I cant believe its happening so soon! You're shy? I would never have guessed. People are going to love you! Glad you linked up again

  5. I would have never guessed that you were shy!
    I love your big heart :) It really showed in this vlog!

    Good luck with seminary, girl!
    I'm the same way...I like to dedicate my full focus on what I'm doing.

    Happy weekend!

  6. So fun to hear your voice! :) So exciting the new changes to come for you! Hope everything goes well!

  7. how fun! i love videos:) so cute!

  8. Hi! I am a new blogger and I just found your blog through 5 oh wifey! I'm a new follower now :) Im curently a junior at the University of Georgia with a major in religion. I'm planning on going to seminary once I graduate and then become a professor of Theology. you seem so sweet and it seems like we have a lot in common! Thanks for the lovely blog!

    Joanna @

  9. What a fun video! My husband is in seminary right now... I would probably be doing it with him if I didn't have my two baby boys : ) hope you have a fun time.


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