Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Support OMBC Youth through Etsy!

That's right!

Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/LiveLaughLynae to order a special handmade goodie and ALL of the proceeds will go towards an Oak Meadow Baptist youth project- it might be helping a student go to summer camp, filling a care package for the homeless or funding a mission trip.

If you live in Austin, your item can be delivered without a shipping charge.

These items make wonderful gifts for children and adults alike. They are also perfect for weddings, whether for your flower girls, to coordinate bridesmaids or for a lasting alternative to live boutonnieres.

Items can be made in any color and custom items are available. Right now, you can order the following:

· Floral hair pinsFloral hair clip

Floral elastic headband

Floral hard headband

Floral sash

Floral boutonnieres

Floral magnets

Floral pins, bouquet and individual

inspiration photo from www.emersonmade.com

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