Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey, Cupcake!

Guess what.

Give up??

I have a new part time job! Yes! At Hey, Cupcake!

If you have time to pray for me and this situation, I would very much appreciate it! I fear that although now my debt will be paid off and I can start saving money for seminary, my relationships will suffer, my ministry will suffer and I will see my family less than I already do.

I want this to be a mission field, a place where I can truly get to know people and live Christ in a place that's not a church. Hey, Cupcake! is already such a happy place. I can't wait to bring something deeper than the sugar high and material contentment. I can't wait to bring the Bread of Life to this bakery!

My first training/shift is this Saturday at the South Congress location if anyone wants to visit and bring me some tips :)

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