Monday, September 19, 2011

Hungry Monday - Threadgill's

Today marks the beginning of a couple of new series on the blog! Every Monday I'll be reviewing some of my favorite local (Austin) restaurants, diners and eateries, along with my personal recommendations, special events and fun memories. Stay tuned for Friday Food Truck Feature where I'll review the best food trucks and trailers across our great city!

So my first Hungry Monday is an Austin classic and a personal favorite- Threadgill's.

There is a north and south location and both have a great ambiance and history. Threadgill's has hosted rock and roll legends over the years and continues to put on great shows. Every Sunday there's a gospel brunch at the South location with a full brunch buffet to complement your religious experience, as well as a Blues brunch at the north location. Check our their calendar for live music every night of the week!

Each meal starts with their from-scratch rolls and cornbread. Those rolls are so dern good. Try not to fill up on them though. Their specialties are all the best comfort foods- chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, meatloaf, pork chops with apple sauce... but I live for their pot roast! It's not on the normal menu but if ever the special of the day is the pot roast, do not hesitate. It's your winner. It's tender and moist- none of this dried out stuff that's hard to chew. Served over a bed of mashed potatoes with seasoned celery and carrots, I seriously can not think of anything better.

Another seriously great perk is that all of the "vegetables" are bottomless. So go ahead and get seconds on that broccoli rice casserole. Or thirds. My favorite side dishes are- mashed potatoes (duh), broccoli rice casserole, San Antonio squash and sweet potato fries. David is a big fan of the mac and cheese, too! The servers are super nice so if you ask for a refill towards the end of the meal, you can take it home with you. And if you're poor like me, this is great.

Check them out!
The north location- "Old No. 1"
6416 North Lamar - Austin, Texas 78752 - (512) 451-5440

The South Location- "Threadgill's World Headquarters"
301 West Riverside Drive - Austin, Texas 78704

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  1. Chelsea dear, I'm beginning to think we are twins. This is seriously like my favorite restaurant ever. And the gospel and bluegrass Sunday brunches were on my Austin To-Do list but never got completed! We shall have to attend one when I get back. :)


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