Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Cherry Limeade- and last day to enter giveaway!

So in addition to my Starbucks problem, I also have a Dr Pepper addiction. So in order to save some money and not buy several 12 packs of DP every time I go grocery shopping, I'm supplementing my beverage repertoire with other delicious drinks.

I drink water too, promise. I just love me some flavor.

This concoction is super easy too!
There are lots of ways to make a cherry limeade. Some involve lemon lime soda or heating fresh cherries to extract their flavor into a syrup. You can check out other methods here, here, or here.

For my recipe you'll need:

1 frozen limeade concentrate

1 bottle carbonated water
(sparkling water, club soda, seltzer water- take your pic)

Maraschino cherry syrup

Prepare the limeade according to the directions.
Mix one part limeade and one part carbonated water (you can adjust this to taste)
Add two tablespoons cherry syrup 
Ice, stir and enjoy!

Don't forget- today's the last day to enter for the autumn wreath or leaf garland!! Comment by 5pm!

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