Monday, October 3, 2011

Hungry Monday- Kerbey Lane Cafe

On my first day in Austin, during the Honors Colloquium the summer before my senior year, my mother and I were looking for somewhere to eat near UT's campus. A student recommended Kerbey Lane Cafe and so we set off in search of this place.

 It wasn't the best experience in the world. First of all, we weren't used to walking that far and so the now reasonable walk seemed like quite the trek. Secondly, no one told us what to get! Kerbey Lane is good, but there are some menu items that make the experience much better.

I believe I got a turkey sandwich. It was decent but the experience was unmemorable.

Texas Highways recommended the Paris Texas platter- french toast and migas. Perhaps that's what the journalist had when they stopped in. That would not, however, be my recommendation.

Start with the Kerbey Queso (or Cowboy Queso if you like black beans!). It consists of a generous scoop of guacamole covered with white queso and topped with pico de gallo, served with bottomless chips. There have been many times when I come here just to get the queso and hang out. The servers automatically split the queso onto each person's bill, so be sure and let them know if you want it done otherwise.

Get the pancakes- whatever kind floats your float. There's generally a flavor of the day, but I'm partial to the apple whole wheat. These are fill-your-plate size and full of pancake goodness. Even if you get another entree, get a pancake on the side. Single pancake= 2.99.

With queso as a starter and a pancake on the side, your options for an entree are wide open. I personally very much enjoyed the Chipotle Chicken Pasta (no longer available), the Breakfast Platter, and the shredded chicken tacos.

If you're not a UT student, avoid the Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe St. I recommend the original on Kerbey Lane, because, obviously, it's the original. The charm of a house-turned-restaurant makes up for its small size. There's interesting locally made artwork and generally awesome service.

The best part of Kerbey Lane Cafe? 24 Hour Service! And everything on the menu tastes better at 2 a.m.

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  1. Pancake-Nachos are the best, if not most unlikely, choice for midnight cravings!


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