Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Martha Moment and Ugly Cupcakes

This past weekend truly was great. 
Food tour. Sleepover with the girls. Church. Spirit Fest.

But goodness, I had a hard time getting to the great part.
I let myself stress about whether any students would show up for the sleepovers.
If the money would be there for the events.
If I could really show the love of Christ to students 
who are so far removed from accepting it.
And so even as I was enjoying my food tastings,
 my anxiety was building.

Our girls and guys were having overnight events on the same evening. 
Our budget is depleted so I was preparing as much as I could on my own 
for their events. So I made two dozen chocolate cupcakes 
and two dozen vanilla cupcakes and was attempting 
to make swiss meringue buttercream frosting 
(because I think regular vanilla buttercream is gross)

Well, I don't think I let the egg white-sugar mixture get hot enough. 
Or something. Because stiff peaks never formed. 
Even when I beat it for like twelve minutes. 
And then I thought- well I should just add the butter and see what happens. 
So I ended up with sweetened butter, not even close to the 
beautiful frosting I was envisioning.
Oh, and then my mixer stopped working.
Just decided it was done.

But seriously?
I lost it.
I called my mom in tears.
because I'd wasted five eggs and four sticks of butter.
Because now my four dozen cupcakes weren't frosted 
and I was out of money.
Because my mixer was broken. 

I hung up the phone
and the Holy Spirit whispered sweetly,
"My dear Chelsea, why are you worried and upset over all these details?"
because, obviously, Lord I'm a baking snob and can't use a store bought frosting.
And obviously i'm not trusting You in anything. 
And Luke 10 resounded clearly to me.
"There is only one thing worth being concerned about"
And I clearly saw the picture of Mary at the feet of Jesus. 

So I took a few moments to wash my face
pray for grace and fresh beginnings 
and for a holy perspective
and made some quick, unfancy cream cheese frosting for the chocolate cupcakes
and some melted chocolate chips became a ganache for the vanilla cupcakes
And I turned my perspective from the little details 
that my students wouldn't even notice
to the King that encompasses all goodness and alters lives.

Sometimes it's ok to have ugly cupcakes.

if it means we can instead reflect on the beauty of Christ.


  1. love your heart!
    i'm a recovering baking snob;)
    thanks for sharing these lessons-loved this post today!

  2. Okay, so I personally detest meringue, so I would have been happy for your little hick-up. You seem to have an awesome attitude, though, and I'm sure the girls loved the cupcakes and you lovin' on them.

  3. from a fellow frosting snob, i get you. : ) i think i've had one of these day myself.

    great lessons here! i love how God teaches us in the mundane of life.

  4. What a lovely post. I loved how your turned your perspective around to what really matters. the beauty of Christ!
    Beautiful post. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  5. "because, obviously, Lord I'm a baking snob and can't use a store bought frosting." bahahaha loved that!!

  6. As long as they taste good...that's all that counts!

  7. Like the spin you put on this, lesson included.
    I use to believe I always had to make my own frosting, but lack of time has convinced me other wise. ;)


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