Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rib Roast

So my idea for a good man meal had to include some beautifully cooked red meat.
I thought- why yes, prime rib is a great idea. 
It is also known as a standing rib roast
it's where ribeye steaks come from
and you can get it boneless for easier carving

And then I saw this ad in the Randall's mailer 
a boneless rib roast for 2.99/lb
And I thought- NO WAY!
prime rib for 2.99 a pound??

So I planned an entire meal around this beautiful cut of meat
and the day of the dinner I moseyed over to Randall's
And just stared at the meat counter
Boneless Cross Rib Roast
And called my dad.
"This isn't prime rib is it?"
"Yeah... no"

So I bought the on-sale meat anyway. 
It was a rib roast... just not the lovely expensive cut I was planning for
I let it sit for an hour to bring it to room temperature,
crusted the outside with kosher salt, ground peppercorns
and garlic powder
Then I baked it, fat side up, at 400 for 20 minutes
and then at 325 for about 1 hr 20 minutes,
until it reached 140 degrees internally 
for a beautiful rare doneness
the edges were a little more medium

(meat thermometer=favorite new gadget)

Let it rest for at least twenty minutes, tented in foil
And then I sliced the roast thinly 
(but thicker than normal prime rib is sliced)

And yeah, no one else knew that it wasn't the $100 roast
It was absolutely delicious and flavorful!
and the man-meal-red-meat totally went over well.

1 comment:

  1. looks great! if you're a good cook, it doesn't matter if it's the most expensive item or not :)


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