Friday, December 9, 2011

sobering thoughts

My heart is mourning because of 
the terrible events at Virginia Tech University.
for the family of the officer who was murdered
and the family of the gunman
for the community which had begun to find healing 
and is shaken again

I read the headline while working 
the front counter of the cupcake store
this is such a cheerful place, and yet, 
it took all my self control to choke back my tears

I know terrible things happen everyday, I do. 
But a campus shooting hits so close to home
I wasn't at school the morning that there was 
a shooter at the University of Texas
in September 2010.
I had gone in to staff meeting at the church that morning
When I heard the news reports that
Shots were fired on campus
My little sister was supposed to be at class
For once, I was so glad that she'd slept in instead.

But I had friends in dorms
in classes
stuck in lockdown 

Sometimes things happen that we don't understand

The only way to overcome obstacles 
is not necessarily with the passing of time
of the will to focus on good things
but only through the strength of Christ
It's only through the hope He gives that we can find
gladness instead of mourning.

Will you join me as I pray for the Virginia Tech campus?

I just want to go hug everyone I love right now. 


  1. very sad. I can't believe something like this happened there again...

  2. beautifully put. such a tragedy :(


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