Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

We whipped these up for youth Bible study on Valentine's Day.
I happened to forget to bring Graham cracker crumbs 
and chocolate to drizzle on it,
but these were still deeelicious and pretty! 
I saw the idea on Pinterest and checked out

What You'll Need:
1 lb strawberries
1 8oz package cream cheese, room temperature 
1/2 cup powdered sugar 
1 tsp vanilla extract 
graham cracker crumbs
semisweet baking chocolate 

What To Do:
Using a small knife, hollow out the strawberries. Try to go as deep as you can without puncturing the bottom. Beat together the cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until well combined and fluffy. Fill a piping bag (or a plastic ziploc bag) with cream cheese mixture and pipe into the strawberries. I didn't, but you can totally dip the end in graham cracker crumbs, and drizzle with melted chocolate. 

Now these are a little labor intensive 
but I had four awesome students helping me out
so it went pretty quickly! 
And they were definitely easier than these guys from last year

I think even though valentine's day has come and gone,
these would make a special treat for any day. 
I would sure feel loved if someone made them for me! 
hint, hint ;)

Happy Friday y'all! 


  1. I was going to make those for my sister in law's birthday, but I didn't. I should have though, they look delicious!

  2. OH my word!!!! These sound absolutely mouth watering!!! Making these ASAP!!! Thanks for sharing this on Fancy This Fridays this last week!
    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely


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