Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It can be so simple to get lost in a crowd,
to just see numbers instead of faces or stories

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It can be so easy to forget that every other person
that we'll ever encounter, ever
is deeply loved by the Creator
no matter who they are
what they do
or what we think about them.

Kerrie at The Williams Post challenged her readers last week
to pay for the person behind them in the drive through 
and then pray for that person.

So, this week I pulled into Starbucks and another 
white PT Cruiser pulled up behind me. (So cool!)
The lady was talking on her phone and seemed irritated.
After she hung up the call, she just had her hand on her head 
as she waited for the line to move. 
Yes, that is kind of stalkerish, but also just observant.
After the barista told me my total, 
I told him I'd like to pay for the car behind me as well
I paid for her mocha and scone
and then prayed over her the rest of the drive.

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I don't know what is going on in her life
but she has a story
and maybe she knows how much Jesus loves her
but maybe not
I prayed for God's presence to fill her car and bring her joy.

Now, honestly this was a one time assigned good deed
but it made me notice others
and remember to show kindness to them
not just courtesy 

I'm praying to be more aware of others around me from now on!

Thanks Kerrie, for hosting this challenge!
Have you ever been the recipient of a stranger's act of kindness? 
How did it affect you?


  1. Why am I sitting here crying?! Uuugh, I am such a sap... Well my family and I are doing random acts of kindness for Lent and this was one on the list. It really touched me how you prayed for her and asked Jesus to fill her car with joy. Something I must do to...truly awesome!!!

  2. Chelsea this is a wonderful post. I really think that your actions were needed for her that day. Thank you for sharing AND for participating :) You've encouraged me to be more aware :)

  3. I've always wanted to do something like this... but in the drive through I never think about it... Sheesh. So sweet of you to do a good deed for a stranger! And everyone can use a prayer for them! :)

  4. This is awesome Chelsea =) Thanks so much for this challenging post =)
    What a beautiful way of loving as Jesus loves and caring about people as He does =)
    Much Love,

  5. I love this post, Chelsea. I never thought of kindness and courtesy being different from each other, but they are, and I'll be thinking and acting upon the distinction of being kind versus being courteous as I go about daily life.

  6. What a neat story! I LOVE what Kerrie is doing! I actually know her in real life! Such a sweetie. I can only imagine what your gesture of kindness did for that woman's day. What a blessing.


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