Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog- What I'm Learning

Hey y'all!

I'm linking up today with 5ohwifey and The Hollie Rogue 
for the second part of the Girl Behind the Blog vlog series. 
Better late than never! 
I was really looking forward to sharing what I've been learning 
the past few weeks through our youth events, especially our spring break mission trip
... but then life happened 
and I learned something pretty crucial today! 
I sincerely hope God speaks to you through my situation,
and I can't wait to check out all the awesome things you're learning!
(you can check out the other posts here!)

Please forgive the quality- I did this on my iPhone while sitting at the church
I haven't been able to blog the past couple days! 
Also, it was my fuel pump that got replaced- not the fuel filter.

If you didn't do the link up,
what are you learning?
I'd love to hear!


  1. great lesson that it seems so many girls are learning. probably because girls always want to be in control..haha.. =) certain areas sometimes i want to hang onto, even though i pray for Gods will and for his help. i need to learn to let God be God..
    =) thanks for sharing!!

  2. That is always a hard lesson to learn! I find that I learn it at least once a week :)

  3. you look cute! i can't hear because i don't have speakers on the computer i'm on. maybe it will work on my phone! : )

  4. Oh goodness you are wise beyond your years lovely lady! So glad to have found such a sweet and beautiful Christian sister via this link up! XO Courtney

  5. I love when you vlog! You are just so sweet!

  6. Yay pretty girl... glad you linked up again! What an awesome sense of positivity you have, even faced with a rough circumstance. God always provides!


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