Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness

So while I'm in the process of gathering 
all of our photos from the past week, 
I thought I'd share a couple of non related things.
Stay tuned to hear about spring break :)

I've had some amazing luck thrifting recently
Every thing here I've gotten for $5 or less!

a lovely new mint/aqua bag for springtime
 three new basic tops: coral stripes, ruffled turquoise
and textured white 
this espresso machine was $5 and works like a dream.


I got a haircut! 
It's not a totally dramatic difference, 
but my hair feels lighter and healthier with its new layers. 

Before: long, heavy and bland

After: still long, lighter and layered

 I got an iPhone. 
It's been more than two years since I bought my last one 
and I'm so proud of myself for sticking it out.
I also may cease to interact with people in real life 
because I can live on this phone.
Any app suggestions??
Anyone think they can beat me at Scramble with Friends? 
Because I'm pretty legit.

After my haircut, I stopped into Old Navy 
and fell in love with some pretty floral dresses.
I didn't buy them but goodness, aren't they lovely?
I'm pretty sure I'll go back for that second one.
It's perfect for Easter!

I'm going to visit my dear sister Lindsey this weekend
so we can go see The Hunger Games at midnight!
I'm super excited for the premiere 
and to see my baby sis again
(I do know that she's 21 and not a baby)
I haven't been able to visit her since she transferred schools 
so this is a big deal!

Anyone else braving the midnight crowds?!

Hope y'all have a beautiful week!


  1. Ok, so I LOVE that bag! My sister got that white floral dress!! I got a blue one! :) Looks like we have similar tastes! haha.

  2. Love the haircut. You need to go back for both dresses. They look great on you. Have a retail-therapy day.

  3. Your hair looks super cute! I need a haircut...you don't even want to know how long it's been...okay, I will tell you...almost 5 months! YIKES!!
    Because Shanna Said So

  4. such lovely finds. that 2nd dress is great for Easter! just bought the 1st book of the Hunger Games today. i'm taking the plunge!

  5. Just found your blog! Following from right here in ATX.

  6. I love when you can thrift something really cute. Oh how lucky you are with your iphone! I cant believe I've never owned one. I have to wait alllllllll the way until September for a new plan/phone and I am getting the 5! It's already planned haha.I hear draw something and instagram are fun.

  7. Your hair looks AMAZING!!! You are beautiful, girl! :D

    I am soooooo pumped about Hunger Games, and I really love your new minty bag! CUTE!!!

  8. First of all, fabulous hair cut! I have long hair too, and getting some new layers really does make a huge difference in how heavy it is.

    Second, WOO HOO for the Hunger Games!

  9. swooning over that bag. And your hair looks fabulous!

  10. Okay, those dresses are adorable. Go back and buy them. Or, if you absolutely MUST, you can ship them to me. if you must.


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