Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Fling Swap

My awesome bloggy friends, Erin from Sweetness Itself and L from All Glorious Within came up with the brilliant idea that is the Spring Fling Flip Flop Gift Swap. The idea behind it was to celebrate spring, make new friends, and send some sweet encouragement to our new friends! The only requirement was to send a pair of flip flops and to spend around $25-$30 on the gift. 


I was paired with Rachel from Along the Way with Rae. She is such an amazing woman! She's studying to be a teacher, loves the Lord and has a blog just radiates inspiration. You should definitely go check her out and see what I sent her! 


Yes this lovely lady! 

I actually got my spring fling package in the mail as I was on my way out of the house. The suspense was killing me as I drove with it just sitting beside me in the car so I had to pull over into a parking lot and open it!

I was not disappointed. Rachel spoiled me with some of my favorite things! She even sent a sweet card saying thank you for her package. 

A pair of gorgeous flip flops with gold braided straps-  perfect for a breezy look

They even take your attention away from my chipped pedicure!

Rachel loves coffee as much as I do and included a lovely coffee mug 
with pretty flowers on it. New favorite!

And a precious knit coffee sleeve. With a mint heart. Love.

(ok so there's not really anything in that jar... but I HAVE used it that way. Just pretend!)

And some pretty pretty matching earrings- gold leaves and mint/gold hoops


THANK YOU so much Rachel for the amazing gifts you sent. They've already ALL been used. I'm truly grateful to have been partnered with you for this! I'm looking forward to continuing our friendship!

And the winner of the missions supporting giveaway is....
Congrats, girl! Email me and I'll get your prizes shipped out to you as soon as possible!


  1. I love how we both got our packages at the same time, and on our way to work so we couldn't open them!! haha :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your package Chelsea. You are an amazing woman and I so glad I was able to call you my bloggy friend. Love ya, sister :)

  2. Hahaha - I was so excited to get mine, too, that I forgot I was going to take a picture of the packed box until after I'd opened it! Lovely gifts. :)

  3. YAYY!! I love that we paired you girls up - and I'm thankful for the friendship we've all formed. :) What a CUTE coffee mug. Love those flowers, and what a cute little sleeve. Precious shoes, too. Love you and so happy you were a part of the swap!

  4. LOVING all the stuff in this package. Those earrings are SO pretty!! =) (both pairs btw)
    I love that you guys were both into the same things! How fun!! =) And I love that we've all become better friends through the swap =) =)
    Been a total blast! Thanks for being a part of it girl!
    Much Love,


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