Wednesday, September 5, 2012

25 Before 25

Oh my goodness, y'all I am 24 years old! 

I do completely understand that I am young... but I've been hit with the realization that I have almost lived a quarter of a century. I am definitely not at the place in life that I thought I would be... but I can clearly see how God has worked everything together in my life for His purposes. This birthday, more than any other, has inspired me to live my life more intentionally, more fully. 

I want to make the most of my time and utilize this season I am in where I am young and passionate and loved and so, so broke. I want to live with focus on the ultimate goal- to bring glory to Jesus. I want to live, drinking in life, the good and the hard and the overwhelming, with arms open, and not ruled by fear or indecision or concern for man's approval.  

So with these thoughts in mind, I have compiled a list of goals that I would like to accomplish before I turn 25. Some of these are fun, some are silly, and some are serious. Each of them should be quantifiable in some way so that I can mark them off of the list as I complete each one. 

25 before 25 
  1. successfully bake French Macarons

  2. read the Divergent trilogy

  3. get involved in a small group (and soon!)
  4. start actually using my Starbucks card and earning stars (right now I have a mental block about setting aside money for coffee, when in fact, this will save me money.)

  5. go to a yoga class (this was one of my new years goals and has yet to be crossed off my list!)

  6. get all A's in seminary (I had an excellent GPA at UT, so this is possible!)
  7. take a fun trip with my sister Lindsey. Right now we're thinking Harry Potter at Universal Studios

  8. find a way to bring in income from home (right now I'm considering Scentsy or reopening my Etsy shop)
  9. grill steaks by myself (no help from dad!)

  10. read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp 

  11. bake and decorate a tiered cake 

  12. maintain a consistent daily schedule 
  13. read Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman 

  14. make fresh mozzarella cheese
  15. visit my grandparents more often 
  16. host a Bible study in my home 
  17. make my own yogurt
  18. decorate my house to look more like an adult lives there
  19. read through the entire Old Testament
  20. start doing creative writing again 
  21. write punctual thank you notes, even for the little things
  22. invest in glasses that I actually like 
  23. not these. 
  24. perfect making homemade tortillas 
  25. set and keep a monthly budget
  26. seek after Jesus above all academia, study and scholastic commentary

It's going to be a good year. 
I am immensely blessed.
Here's to 24! 


  1. first off, are we talking about coming to FLORIDA???? because i am 45 minutes away from my good friend harry.

    second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! 24! dang girl, you old.
    jk jk, i'm a couple months behind you and have thought the same thing! 25 is old. 24 is still young.

    this list is really great. i was looking at my 1001 in 1001 or what ever it is and realized i had only crossed off a couple so far. i have got to get my butt in gear.

    i'm just so elated right now that you may be coming to florida. or is there a hp world near you. in which case that would make me too sad.

    love you birthday girl!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm loving this idea for setting goals for the year!

    I hope your birthday is a wonderful one. Hope it's filled with tasty things to eat and plenty of fun things!

  3. yay happy birthday sweet friend! what a year it will be!! I recently started a list of foods I want to make (pad thai, a cheese cake, croissants) and after reading your list, I want to add mozzarella and torillas!! Hope today is beautiful! And we are almost exactly a month a part :-)

  4. So there is this website called that gives you your first pair of glasses free. All you have to do is pay shipping (this is a legit thing...I got my glasses from there) That might help you cross one thing off! And happy birthday!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!!! I love your list! I have yet to read the Divergent series too... or grill steaks by myself! I always have help to! haha.

  6. I LOVE this list. Both 1000 gifts and grace for the good girl are AMAZING!!!
    So you should totally read those asap! You'll have to tell me how those Starbucks cards work btw cause I am totally confused by those ;) Oh and I think you should participate in Nanowrimo to cross off the creative writing option, if you google it you should find the website =) and finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    LOVE you!! and CANT WAIT to see you!!!

  7. This is an awesome list! There are plenty of these things that I definitely want to do...eventually :)

  8. first, you are adorable. second, you and lindsey together are adorable.

  9. Good luck with your list!! I love having a list of things to accomplish each year, even if you can't get everything done it's good to have something to work toward!

    Have you found a church yet in FW? We went to The Paradox and absolutely LOVED it! Lots of college-age and young families attending. They meet downtown in Cleburn Hall (I know I spelled that wrong :) if you're interested. The pastor is an incredible teacher.

  10. You are an AWESOME person. Love love love your list...especially 1,9,15, and 25. xoxo

  11. Great list!! I love it :) And the divergent series (well, the first two I've read) is great!

  12. you're almost a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD?!

    imma have a cane waiting for you in chicago.

    the divergent trilogy is amazing! READ IT.

    so i can join in on this harry potter trip with you and Lindsey, right?! i'm a sister IN CHRIST, after all. ;]

    you should read one thousand gifts with margaret & i! we're reading the first chapter for this thursday!

    i haven't finished reading grace for the good girl OR the old testament yet (this year i was going to read the bible in a year... that didn't happen). do you want to read them both together and be accountability partners?!

    happy belated birthday, chelsea! ps. how do you feel about mint and/or polka dots?


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