Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Mess

... this basically describes me right now. There is the very literal mess that my luggage has made in the middle of my floor. (and I currently feel no motivation to take care of)

...the mess my mind is after an all nighter, studying for two intensive midterms today. I got home around 10 pm Monday evening from Indianapolis and Chicago and had two midterms Tuesday. 

...and the mess that my heart is in, after soaking up the Influence Conference this weekend and spending some extended time with L, Annie and Erin

I feel as if I've taken all of these good things I learned, noting how great they were when I received them, and have shoved down into an oversized purse to sort through and examine later (kinda like what I did with those snazzy business cards). 

So I have all of these nuggets of wisdom, moments of conviction, words of deeply needed affirmation, and a very real sense of community... but none of it is really organized in my heart and mind. 

I definitely want to share what I learned and experienced with y'all but it may take some time to process it all out. That said, I am hitting the ground running getting back on track with classes and work so it may not be right away :)

Until then, here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend!

meeting these girls face to face after getting to know them and praying for them for months!
(stole from Annie's instagram)

having an adjoining room with Kerrie - she's my fave!
(and Alli, Lisa and Julie!)
(stolen from Annie's instagram)

Stripes Party
(stolen from Kerrie's instagram!)

Taking Monday to explore Chicago before flying home


  1. <3 Prayig that you can get back into the swing of things really quickly...and that you have the time and space to process all God taught you last weekend!
    Alesha <3

  2. You're MY Fave too!! I just love you. SERIOUSLY. so much :)

  3. Welcome home! :) Can't wait to hear about Influence and see more pics. I'll pray that midterms go well. <3


  4. So wonderful. Would loved to have experienced this myself, but will have to experience it through you lovely writers. Hoping for next year...

  5. I wish we had more time together! I really do! We'll have to get together when I am in DFW sometime!

  6. I had an equally terrible mess greeting me when I got home from work yesterday! It took some deep breaths to motivate myself to unpack! It was such a fun weekend though - definitely worth it :)

    1. It WAS so much fun and definitely worth it :)

  7. Chicago looks fun. I got stuck in the airport and have since decided I hate Chicago but since I've only been to the airport, that may not be a fair assessment. I feel the same way about the processing and I have yet to even unpack my suitcase. It's still sitting there needing to be opened so I can wash all my clothes.

  8. hey chelsea! just found your blog happy to be a new follower!! love these pics except now i have chicago style pizza on the brain....

  9. I feel the same, so no shame there. There is grace in the processing and unpacking (literally and figuratively!). :) So glad you were there!!

  10. st. francis! i can't wait to hear all your thoughts. i'm so thankful we finally got to meet! hopefully the next time i leave MI it's for TX, yes?


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