Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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After the Influence Conference concluded, L, Annie, Erin and I (furthermore known as LACE) roadtripped over to Chicago for the day. We slept through like twelve different alarms and missed saying goodbye to tons of awesome people took our time checking out of our hotel , grabbed lunch and coffee and then started the drive! 

we stopped at a cute rest stop, got some farm fresh ice cream and took pictures with the awesome mural...
 (from Annie's instagram)

(from Annie's instagram)

once we got to chicago, we decompressed for a little while at starbucks- checking emails, swapping photos and making plans 
(from Annie's instagram)

Erin had requested dinner at RPM Italian, owned by Bill and Giuliana Rancic. I had never heard of their show, but the restaurant was pretty dang amazing! We shared homemade ricotta cheese and toast as an appetizer. Ricotta cheese is way better homemade than from the store. I will only eat it this way from now on (yay farmer's market!) 

(i felt sooo tacky taking a photo of my food at this fancy pants restaurant)
I ordered the pasta carbonara- with its salty pancetta and rich sauce, it was absolutely delicious! And then for dessert we all split the best cannoli I've ever had. Can you tell I like food? I do. 

After that, we headed to bed because Monday was a big day!

Monday we grabbed coffee, jumped on the train and hit some tourist highlights of the city. I would love to come back to Chicago and really take my time through landmarks, shopping and museums... but for a six hour excursion through the city on foot, we did really good :)

(just like home!)

(so many pretty colors)

We got no less than five recommendations to try Giordano's and it was right next to Millennium Park so that worked out perfectly! 

If you go, ask for Brock. He was awesome.

A quick stop by the navy pier, then these lovely girls dropped me off at the airport where I boarded my plane to Texas just in time. 

My whirlwind visit to Chicago was a blast! Any recommendations for next time? 


  1. you girls are so cute!! chicago is so close to me!! glad you had a great time!

  2. Oh my this looks like SOOOO much fun! My husband is from Chicago so we mostly only visit for Christmas when it's too cold to enjoy all those things :/ But we do always manage to hit up Giordanos:) Great post!
    A Brunette Duet

  3. Ah, Sufjan Stevens-Chicago: swoon! Looks like a reeeeeally fun trip!!! I love the pics girl.

  4. yay for chicago! i love that picture of the windmills. i can't believe this was just over a week ago! it feels like it's been longer than that.


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