Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog: Show and Tell

Please excuse the poor lighting and video quality as I link up today with Ashley and Erin for Girl Behind the Blog, Show and Tell edition. I'm sharing the things that I need to get me through the day!

with a little cameo from Ringo

What three things do you need to get you through the day?


  1. haha, my GPS helps keep me from getting lost and I appreciate it very much! Dr. Pepper is good but it's probably good to not drink it every day! :P

  2. Love your essentials! Coffee is definitely mine also! I've never made it iced at home but you might have just given me the nudge I need :) PS your bangs are super cute!! :)

  3. AWWW i LOVE ringo!!! He's SO cute!!
    And LOVE the haircut!! It looks so pretty! =)
    I blame you for the fact that I always crave iced coffee now too =P
    I hope you'll come by my blog and say hello =P
    Love you & Miss you!!

  4. LOVE your new do, girl! Once I'm back to caffeine I cant wait to try your ice coffee. You're lovely. Glad you linked up!

  5. always love your vlogs! It was nice to see/hear you again :) And I LOVE your hair! So cute!

  6. I'm so glad you shared about did I :) Iced coffee - so good! I'll check out your recipe. I'm pretty sure you're going to make a really good wife one day :) (And I love your new bangs!)

  7. Yes to DP! The only soda I drink too. But it HAS to be out of the fountain! It's much fizzier and you're right that it has a different taste. That is so funny.

    ps- I really love your hair!!

  8. Hey girl! Just stopping by from 5ohwifey's link-up! You & your puppy are just too cute! I can't wait to try out your recipe -- yum!

  9. I wish I liked coffee! lol I stick to the teas and hot chocolates. ;) LOL Loved your vlog and your dog!

  10. Oh I can't watch your vlog on my iPad! I'll have to see it on the computer later but you look like a girl after my own heart! I graduated from bible college in jan! Not that I'm using the degree haha but it was a great learning experience. Can't wait to know you better! :-)

  11. I love you Chels :) Your new haircut is adorable :)) It's good to see Ringo is doing well. Bryant also made a guest appearance in my vlog haha. Have you seen the Dr. Pepper with Imperial Sugar? It's in a green can! I got some when I went with my mom in Ft. Worth to a Wal Mart. It's delicious you should get some :)

  12. WHOA. i come to comment and then blogger gives me a hard time and i refresh the page to see you've lost a whole sidebar column! i was not prepared for that.

    anyway, here is my original comment:
    of course all your items are food-related! what else would we expect at a blog entitled tasteand see?

    iced coffee is delicious. now i want some. YUM.

    confession: i don't like dr. pepper. can we still be friends?

    you lost me at fajita seasoning. i'm not mexican. also, salt is my love language. i know no other seasonings. ;]

  13. Hi love, I found you through Erin at Sweetness Itself. Great vlog! I'd love to try the seasoning, that's cool. I always need soda through the day too- you're not alone. love, love
    nora @ two is better than one

  14. You are so cute, girl! I love love love your new haircut! Iced coffee is amazing...and I am definitely going to be trying your DIY iced coffee recipe! Sounds like a great little seasoning!

    Happy weekend, girl!


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