Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hipster glasses for the win

I remember the first time I went to the optometrist. I was in fourth grade, having trouble seeing the board in class. I completely dreaded the doctor visit because- let's be honest here- I was enough of a dork already, being in GT and sporting frizzy bangs. And this was waaay before either glasses or bangs were cool.

So after some ugly-crying on my part and some bribing-with-cheesecake on my mom's part, I picked out some gold rimmed round frames. (I have no idea why I picked these frames. Maybe it's because I was really into Harry Potter that year? Regardless, not cute.)

Let's just say that as soon as I got the ok to switch to contacts, it was done. I've always had glasses for days when my allergies are bad or for evenings but until recently they were never my first choice for regular day wear. 

Enter Firmoo. 

They have all kinds of frames- from super fun and trendy to classic. They are ridiculously affordable, enough so that you could multiple pairs of glasses to fit the occasion or your mood! 

PLUS the first pair you order is free!
I grabbed some of these fun hipster glasses. 

And I actually reeeeally like them. In fact, a friend and I compared my free pair to his designer pair of a very similar style, and mine look and feel like a better quality. I love the shape, the clarity of the lenses, and the sturdiness of the structure. The only negative thing I would have to say about them is that there isn't a nose grip, so when I look down the glasses slip down my nose. 

So, if you're looking for a new style of specs 
or a back up pair to keep in your bag
or want to transition away from contacts,
go check out Firmoo
You can even upload a photo and see what the shapes and styles look like on you! 

hipster glasses for the win.


  1. oh em geeeeee! I love that first photo! haha too cute!

  2. You are so cute! Now and then :) haha! Wish I had need for glasses sometimes... but I'm thankful for vision. It would just be fun to add another accessory!

  3. So cute, girl! Love the hipster look you've got going on! :)

    Thanks for giving me an option for the next time I need glasses! :)


  4. youre so cute!! I ordered mine lats week and cant wait for them to come!

  5. You're adorable. I've been wanting to order a new pair of glasses from them. I need to just do it!

  6. Yayayaya! Finally following your blog instead of just your instagram... :) You look adorable in the those glasses!! I want to look for a pair of my own..!!


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