Monday, January 14, 2013

Chocolate Bowls

Did I mention that I only took pictures with my phone over the holidays? Well, anyway, these chocolate bowls were a huge hit with family and made for a stunning presentation. Plus they were super fun to make (or for me to watch my sister make tee hee) and would be perfect for a sleepover! 

I am not totally sure where specifically Lindsey found her inspiration. She didn't follow any directions- she just kinda went with it!

What You'll Need:
baker's chocolate 
a steady cup 
scotch tape
a pin
kitchen lighter

What To Do:
  1. Determine what size you want your bowls to be and inflate the balloon to that size. Lindsey made giant bowls which held two dozen cookies, but water balloons would be appropriate for smaller sizes.
  2. Place the balloon(s) into the cup(s), tail down. 
  3. Melt baker's chocolate according to the instructions. (I think it would be really cool to use all white chocolate and swirl in a couple of drops of food coloring.) Allow chocolate to cool but not harden.
  4. Slowly drizzle chocolate over your balloon. Be sure to cover any gaps and create aesthetically pleasing designs. Lindsey created a base of milk chocolate and then added white chocolate embellishments. She also created a claw-like design. Be creative and design something you like!
  5. Allow chocolate to completely dry (at least one hour).
  6. Once chocolate is hardened, carefully remove balloon from cup. Place a small piece of scotch tape near the tail. Poke the pin through the tape to keep the balloon from popping suddenly. 
  7. When balloon is deflated, remove it from the bowl. Repair any cracks or broken pieces by carefully melting it back together with a kitchen lighter. 
  8. Keep bowls at room temperature and store airtight. 
I would love to use these for ice cream or fruit! And then you could eat the bowl- win win!

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