Thursday, January 10, 2013

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Growing up there was a Mexican restaurant that my family used to frequent. My favorite part of eating out there was the large tortilla press in the corner of the restaurant which churned out tortillas like nobody's business. My sister and I would hang onto the wrought iron gate surrounding it, watching its methodical spinning, pressing and flipping of delicious tortillas. I know that corn tortillas are healthier, but I have always been a flour tortilla girl. Who would have thought that years later I would be making my own homemade tortillas, as good as the restaurants? I was so impressed with how these came out, and I will definitely be making them again! They only take 20-30 minutes and taste exponentially better than store-bought varieties!

I used shortening to make mine, but you can substitute with other options. Also, the recipe employs the use of a food processor. I used my stand mixer with the dough hook. You can also use a pastry cutter or two forks to the same effect. 

I highly recommend these for your next taco night! 

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 heaping tsp salt
5 Tbsp shortening ( can substitute with lard, softened butter, or olive oil)
3/4 cup warm water

Pulse the flour, baking powder, and salt a few times in your food processor fitted with the dough blade.Add the shortening and process until the mixture is uniformly crumbly.

With the food processor on, slowly stream in the water, just until the dry ingredients form a ball and starts traveling around the bowl (you might not use all of the water or you might need a little more). Let the dough knead for about 30 seconds. The dough should clean the sides of the bowl, be soft and not overly sticky. 
    Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and divide dough into 12 equal portions. Cover with a kitchen towel and let rest for 10 minutes.

    Heat a large, dry saute pan over medium high heat.

      With a rolling pin, roll the dough balls into thin rounds, dusting the top with just enough flour to keep the tortilla from sticking to the rolling pin.
      Lay tortilla flat in the heated pan and cook on each side for ~20 seconds, until the bubbled areas brown. Don't leave over the heat too long or they will be too stiff to fold! Keep covered with a kitchen towel to keep warm and pliable. Eat warm.


      1. pinned these! Funny they are on my "took cook bucket list"!

      2. Oh homemade flour tortillas!!! If you can make them right, they are the BEST!!!! ;) Sounds like you can!

      3. Those look so good! Have you noticed any difference between butter/shortening/oil/etc

        1. I have only tried it with shortening, but I saw that readers on the original recipe post had successfully tried it with room temp butter, olive oil or canola oil. Sorry I am not more help!

      4. For an even softer tortilla, try using warm milk instead of water. I've been making these for years. Store bought tortillas can't compare!


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