Monday, February 11, 2013

A Fun Valentine's Day Gift for the Board Game Aficionado

You may absolutely adore Valentine's Day- the celebration of love- the hearts, sparkles, and chocolate abounding. 

Or you may completely detest this Hallmark Holiday, obviously used to commercialize something meaningful into a box of chocolate and red roses. 

I guess I fall somewhere in between. I do celebrate Valentine's Day but for the past four years it has been with homemade gifts and/or dinners. I thought I would share a really fun, inexpensive gift to make if either of you love board games! 

A personalized version of Monopoly! All you need is a foam poster board, a sharpie, scissors (and a box cutter if possible), a printer, glue and colored paper. Here's what I did:

Create your board!
  • Using a regular Monopoly board as a template, cut a square out of the foam poster board. Using a box cutter makes a cleaner cut. 
  • Draw your spaces around the board, in pencil then with Sharpie. 
  • Create your logo in the center, mimicking the official name and trademark information. 

Choose your properties
  • I incorporated places that we met, favorite date spots, places we lived, where we worked, etc. I printed small photos that represented each place to glue onto their space on the board. I listed the values of each space as represented on my regular Monopoly board. 
  • For railroads, I used the cities which we have lived in. Instead of Go, I made a Home space. Instead of Jail - the Doghouse. For Free Parking, I made a little Mt Bonnell space, a famous Austin lookout. I replaced the luxury tax with a credit card bill, and income tax with a tithe. 
  • I glued strips of colored paper on each section- you could also use different colored Sharpies and just color the tops! 
  • For houses and hotels, just cut uniform shapes from colored paper- quick and easy!

Create Chance and Community Chest cards
  • In my game Chance became "Get Lucky" cards and included an equal number of good and bad personalized fortunes and consequences. 
  • Community Chest became Family Jewels. I read through the official Monopoly versions and modernized/personalized them! 

Print or create monopoly money
  • I printed my own money by searching each monopoly denomination in a Google image search, re-sizing them all to be the same, creating sheets in a power point file, printing and cutting each out. 
  • You can always just sub in the money from your official board game though and save yourself some time!
Don't forget your game pieces
  • Create or find an item that represents each of you!
This project does take quite a bit of work, so be prepared to put in some time to make it perfect. I loved reminiscing about our relationship as I put this together. When I gifted it, we played a round and it was so fun to read through the cards and see how it all worked in actual game-play. And now, the board makes an adorable keepsake! 

Have you ever given or received a homemade Valentine's Day gift? 


  1. oh my gosh Chelsea this is ADORABLE!! I love this idea! If Vday wasn't in 3 days I would totally do this! Maybe for another random romantic gift :)

  2. This is sooooo cute! I'm pinning this for future gift ideas. You are so creative girl.

  3. THIS IS THE CUTEST IDEA EVER! Totally saving (and pinning this!)

  4. Wow color me impressed!! I would not have the patience to do all of this but that's so cute!!!
    This year I bought a card making set from my fav place, target. I told my hubby we are making them this year and maybe we will even do it together lol I wanna feel like a kid again by creating a valentine :-)

  5. This is soo sweet!! What a great way to remember all of the fun times in your relationship :)

  6. Cute idea! You'll definitely appreciate it even more in years to come. :) Sooo....Tell us about your mystery man! It is possible that I missed something, but I don't ever remember hearing about anyone special.

  7. This is sooo adorable! Love the idea. :)


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