Monday, March 25, 2013

My First Stitch Fix

I first heard about Stitch Fix at the Influence Conference in October when Kacia gave me a cute little bag with a discount code. Well, I lost the discount code but I still use the bag to hold quarters for laundry. So I call that a win.

The way Stitch Fix works is really cool. You fill out a thorough style profile, explaining what you like and don't like (with pictures- which totally helps!), fill out sizing, and pick a price point. Whenever you're ready, you schedule a fix. For a $20 styling fee, 5 beautiful, hand-picked items are shipped to your door. You have three days to try them on, style them yourself and decide what you'd like to keep. If you decide to buy anything, the $20 styling fee is applied to it. Included in the shipment is a postage-paid shipping bag to send back whatever you decide not to keep. 

So if you like clothes or surprises or hate trying to pick out clothes in an overwhelming store, this is a really cool service. If you have responsibilities that make it hard to find time to shop for yourself or have a hard time picking out something new and different from your ordinary, this is a great service.

Now, because I'm so thrifty (read: cheap) I waited a long time to schedule my first fix. I was overjoyed to receive a healthy tax rebate this year and rewarded myself with some headbands, a necklace and my first fix. Here's what I got!

Everything was between $35-$58. 

this dress had a fun print and would be great to layer! 
however, it was too big, even with the drawstring and didn't flatter my figure very well so it had to go back.

these pretty gold earrings are just my style- so much so that I already have a similar pair! Nice styling, Stitch Fix ;) So these guys are going back.

This skirt was probably my favorite item from the fix. I love the color and fit. I love how it has swishy pleats. But it was a tad small when worn on my hips... and too short for my comfort when worn on my waist. Super sad to send it back!

My final selection came down to two tops.

This Everly blouse is gorgeous- navy with red, yellow and white tulips. It's not something that I would normally choose for myself, but it had a very classy, cute print and fit. 

This sweater is a pretty pink/coral blend and has a feminine flair with the bow across the open back. It fit me perfectly! Plus is sheer enough to wear all the way through Texas' very warm spring.  

I had to narrow it down to just one to be financially responsible and it was a very tough decision. My instagram/twitter friends voted pretty heavily for the tulip print blouse, buuuuut I went with the sweater in the end for a couple reasons. 

The sweater fit me just a little bit better than the blouse did- which although it's hard to tell in the pictures was a tad baggy. Also, the sweater is more sheer. It will last through more seasons- can be layered with a jacket and a scarf or can be worn over bermuda shorts. The last reason is that right now, I am a student. I don't get dressed up, especially in business casual, very often. So this more casual look will get more use on an everyday basis! 

I totally recommend Stitch Fix if you've got a little extra money to splurge with- it's super fun to have surprise goodies delivered! 


  1. I've been looking people's recent fixes lately. I like the two shirts you narrowed it down to, you really can't go wrong with those.

    My first fix was a complete BUST. I sent everything back. I am hoping my next fix is better. I also was sent that drawstring dress...and as I said it went back!

  2. How fun!! I love all of your things! I'm really excited to try Stitch Fix :)

  3. Yay!! That was my pick! Woot! I feel like I won something ;) In your face other voters!

  4. Oh my goodness gracious! You are adorable girl! I LOVE that sweater on you...SO glad you kept it. :)

    I've been debating about going ahead with my first fix...But I'm nervous!!!!!!!

  5. I love the green pleated skirt on you! Beautiful!


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