Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Decorate a Youth Room with No Money, Part Three: Banners

As someone who is victim to shopping Etsy for hours, I have come across a fabulous and easy to DIY trend- banners! Whether it's fabric, paper, triangles, circles, matching, coordinating or completely mismatched, I think they're adorable.

Here are some inspiration photos for birthdays and showers:

Love. I have one in my dining room actually. But I digress.

Martha Stewart has a lovely template to make your own! find it here

Now, the template makes 3" circles but I wanted to make mine bigger so I used the PrntScr button to capture the image and enlarge it. I cut each letter out of card stock, punched holes and threaded it with curling ribbon. I traced a paper plate onto coordinating scrapbook paper and matted half of the banners with it using double stick tape.

And here's the finished product! Easy peasy :)

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