Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My brief love affair with eBay...

... and how it saved me $318.92 (and then some).

A few weeks ago, I came down with a mild bug. And so, in an attempt to rid myself of it quickly, I spent all of Sunday afternoon and evening in my bed. But after falling asleep at about 7:30 pm Saturday night, I couldn't really force myself to go to sleep. I read, caught up on blogs, blogged some more myself, and then found myself in a very dangerous place. EBAY!

You see, eBay and I have a history. We tried things out my freshman year of college and had to break it off because he just wasn't good for me. He made me spend too much money and react
too impulsively. Eventually I had to block him from my computer to stop thinking about him.

Well, with so much time in bed, my mind and typing fingers wandered over to eBay to see how things were going. And lo and behold, I had this thought that I really need to start dressing like a grown up, since I am a youth minister and I am no longer a student. Before I knew it, I'd won five auctions!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I would love to say that I regret spending the money and I've blocked eBay once again with his lustful temptations, but I don't regret it. Here's what I got with a breakdown of my winning auction, the shipping and retail prices.

An H&M purple dress with polka dots that ties around the waist-
very appropriate for work or church.

Auction: $13.80
Shipping: 4.99
Retail: $29.99

A brand new BCBG black button down blouse with white polka dots and a cute tie in the front, very appropriate for work or church.

Auction: 8.99
Shipping: (included)
Retail: 39.99

Black scoopneck dress with pleated skirt, from a boutique in DC
Auction: 12.99
Shipping: (included)
Retail: 75.00

Silk Navy dress by Anna Sui for Anthropologie
(no photo available :( )
Auction: 15.99
Shipping: 4.50
Retail: about 200.00

Black tunic with lace detail by Ella Moss for Anthropologie
(no photo available :( )
Auction: 11.50
Shipping: 3.26
Retail: about 50.00

Total spent on auction and shipping: 76.02
Total retail value: 394.98
Total savings: 318.96

And just recently, I found another little gem. The J Crew Juliet dress, retailing right now for $195.00 at www.jcrew.com, I purchased for a whopping $25.49

It's 100% silk chiffon and sooo pretty. The color is discontinued, but it's a lovely peachy pink shade. I wore the dress for graduation and it was the perfect material for the muggy, humid heat and our outdoor ceremony.

(Yeah I know you can hardly see it in the picture,
but in all the other ones I have on a cap and gown!)
Auction: 25.49
Shipping: 5.95
Retail: 195.00
Total Savings: 163.56
Winning, Duh!

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