Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Opportunities on a silver platter

So I've been involved in church since before I can remember. And something that speakers and ministers would always say was- you'll never again have the opportunities that you do as a student. Well, having been done with officially taking classes for a couple months now, I totally get it. For thirteen years I had constant exposure to my peers in grade school. And then three and a half more years on one of the most diverse and open minded campuses in the state. There were SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to share Christ's love. To speak truth. To encourage those around me who were struggling. I definitely took it for granted. I got comfortable even when I said I wouldn't. I let friendships demand more of my time that outreach did. And I was selfish- I let naps, dates and the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds fill my time. And now... it's not that I don't interact with people... it's that I will never be in a place with so many opportunities handed to me on a silver platter again. But I honestly hope that's not true. I've made the decision that my life is not my own and I'm doing my best to seek a lifestyle of serving Him. And I hope that this time I won't miss it.

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