Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To add insight to injury...

This past Thursday evening, I fell and sprained my ankle (and scraped and bruised my legs of course).

I debated whether or not to mention that I was pretending the curb was balance beam. Surprisingly enough, I didn't hurt myself doing that! I had just decided it was time to go in and stepped off on the innocent looking sidewalk.

This was the culprit. It looked solid. I'm pretty sure I've stepped across it before with no problem. However, this time I stepped on it and the plate fell into the hole beneath it. And so did I.

And this resulted

Thankfully, I have some really wonderful people in my life. To bring me crutches. Or pick up my backpack for me when it falls all the way down the staircase I've just crab-walked up. Or to completely excuse me from office duties because I can't even hop on one foot to the bathroom without wanting to cry. Or to come check on me at the cupcake trailer. 

So, here are a few things I learned about having a sprained ankle this weekend. 

1. Don't trust drains, vents or anything with a hole underneath it in the sidewalk!

2. Seriously- Ice, elevate, Tylenol and rest. 

3. Make sure your crutches are the right height. If they're not and you're normally a clumsy person, this will not help you out. And you might almost fall down and make things worse. Or so I would assume, not from experience or anything...

4. I use my left ankle for support in far more situations than I realized. For example- when bracing myself to close a window. 

5. Not having a vital part of you functioning forces you to be creative about getting things done. I couldn't put enough pressure on my foot to climb the staircase to my bedroom, and I surely did not trust myself to use the crutches on our small stairs, AND I couldn't just crawl because my knees are all banged up from the fall.  So, I crab walked backwards up the staircase- thankfully I only had to do this one day before the pain was dramatically reduced.

6 . I have a lot to be grateful for! I'm grateful for the awesome people who supported me while I was less than able, that I hurt my left foot so I could drive with my right foot, and for my normal abilities. It is easy to take something like healthy ankles for granted, but I am learning to be grateful in all things. And when you're grateful, it is difficult to be bitter.

I'm almost all better now! Just slow with a little limp. Next thing you know I'll be back on the treadmill (ha!).

1 Thessalonians 5:18 

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is 

God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 

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