Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Food Truck Feature- The Mighty Cone

The Mighty Cone is located just down the parking lot from Hey Cupcake! on South Congress Avenue. It's a great location because there are a variety of foods available at all of the food trailers, as well as small dining areas, live music and access to all of the funky and fun shops on South Congress Avenue.

(photo from Boots In The Oven)

The Mighty Cone is a project of Hudson's on the Bend to make their generally high class food more festival and food truck friendly. They serve up everything in a paper cone- you choose from hot and crunchy fried cones, combo cones, sliders, and fries, as well as milkshakes and desserts! 

I had the combo cone with avocado and chicken and some ancho chili dusted fries and a bottled Dublin Dr Pepper. It was really fantastic. The hot and crunchy breading (sesame seeds, corn flakes, almonds, arbol chili flakes, sea salt and sugar) was flavorful and complemented the chicken and avocado nicely, without being greasy or heavy. It's served in a warm tortilla with slaw and sauce. Yum! The fries carry a kick with the chili powder and actually taste like potatoes, not some frozen manufactured fast food stuff. They came with house made ketchup. 

Check it out!

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