Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great Things and a giveaway!

Cold fronts are wonderful.
I'm wearing boots and a cardigan.
I believe that this is how every day should be. 
(I may feel differently when I want to wear my polka dot swimsuit)

The lovely weather is a beautiful reminder of so many great things lately.

On MLK Day, I was able to visit with my friend Danae. 
I hadn't seen her since her wedding and it was so good to catch up!

We did a little bargain shopping while we were out

Thank you JCPenney. Yes, saving 114.72 is good.

Also, this week OMBC's Ministry Team had a time of prayer and preparation for 2012. We stayed in a couple of very nice cabins in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception or internet, and that was very refreshing. Sometimes we miss what's going on in other ministries because we're so focused on our own so it was great to hear about everything happening through our Spanish ministries and our life groups and our worship ministries!
I am very excited for everything that God is preparing for 2012. It's going to be a year of growth and change and goodness!

And then, I checked out the new Goodwill on Slaughter Lane to look for costumes. No luck on costumes but I did find a great pair of jeans with the tags still on them! 
I was pretty excited. I had been wondering how I could get a couple new pairs of jeans without breaking the bank. Apparently, I'll be shopping at Goodwill from now on. 

So in celebration of all these great things-
I'm giving away your choice of:

an autumn wreath
This can be customized to include whatever colors you'd like!

 or a an autumn leaf garland

Each leaf is hand cut from felt, has hand stitched veins and is stitched on a ribbon- 
perfect for hanging on a staircase, above the fireplace or on a mantle!

To enter, you must officially follow this blog.

Extra entries:
repost this contest to Facebook or Twitter
Favorite Live Laugh Lynae on Etsy

Post a comment for each entry! 

For example, post:

I follow the blog!
I added your shop on Etsy! 
I promoted this giveaway on Facebook!

The winner will be selected randomly.
The contest will be closed Monday October 25th at 12pm.


  1. Sign me up giiirrrlll!!! I want a wreath!

  2. I followed your blog! Love your blog, I am just now discovering it! The wreath and garland are super cute too!


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