Thursday, November 24, 2011


Every year at my grandparents' home, 
my family gathers before we delve into the feast. 
We sit in a circle and one at a time, 
list the things for which we're grateful. 
It never fails- someone always cries... 
which begins a domino effect of tears. 
They're not sad tears... not at all! 
They're humble
Overwhelmed by God's grace
surrounded by family and love
appreciating those things that are so easily taken for granted.
Every year I say that I'm going to write something out in advance 
and this year I finally am.

I am thankful for no student loans,
that God blessed me with an unbelievable scholarship
and as I see other graduates 
working to clear their debt,
I am so grateful that God had mercy on me 
and blessed me financially.

I am thankful for a loving family. 
We're not perfect.
We disagree on a lot of things. 
But my parents would go hungry for me.
My sister can forgive even my worst offenses.
At the end of the day, my family is solid

I'm thankful for TWO jobs.
I'm grateful that in a ridiculous economy
I have been so blessed.
I have a job where my responsibilities are challenging and convicting
and I must love and demonstrate grace, and teach 
but the rewards and innumerable. 
And I have a job where I come home
smelling like cupcakes.
Not too shabby :)

I'm thankful for a church family 
people who want to take care of me
and give me opportunities
and pray for me fervently

I'm thankful for roommates who approach conflict biblically
who love and serve each other 
and create community within our home

(photo by Southern Charm Photography)

I'm thankful for a car that runs, most of the time
more clothes than I need, 
food in the pantry and fridge, 
generally good health, that I never appreciate til it's gone
a city that has stolen my heart with its weirdness

(photo by Southern Charm Photography)

and a boyfriend who loves me,
who pushes me to depend on Christ instead of him
who serves alongside me
leads worship with my students
gives up time and resources to assist me 
on mission trips and other such events
and has stuck by me for three years
despite all my crazy.

I have so much cause for thankfulness.
And in light of those things, I worship my God
from whom all good things come!
I turn my heart from discontent and bitterness
to recognize each of these wonders. 
Thank you, Lord. 

But the absolute best part is
that even without any of those things,
Jesus is enough.
and THAT is why I have hope and purpose
and joy despite circumstances.


  1. Thank you for such an uplifting post, its enjoyable to read such happy posts!


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