Friday, November 25, 2011

Three Years

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Live Laugh Lynae

Today I have officially been with David for three years. 

(three years ago)

(this year)

We've seen some really bad times, some really good times 
and everything in between.
We kinda forgot to plan something celebratory before the Thanksgiving holidays so Sunday evening, we spontaneously went to dinner at Hula Hut and enjoyed the beautiful weather (it was 70 degrees) and the view of the lake
... oh and some very yummy food as well!

Fajitas and Baby Back Ribs at Hula Hut
Hey, I had some salad too! 

Red velvet cheesecake and a mochaccino at Mozart's next door.

As an encore, Monday we made some soup and ate at home, and then took Ringo out to Mozart's for coffee, dessert and conversation.

The best part was that every hour, there was a Christmas light show!
It was such a sweet surprise when it began .

getting pretty for Monday's date

It was a relaxing, festive, reflective time. 
I'm so glad we were able to celebrate together before visiting our families for a few days.

Check out the Christmas light show from Mozart's 

because I was grinning ear to ear the whole time! 

I absolutely love Christmas. I'm not quite ready to celebrate it, 

because Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. 
BUT this is a nice preview of the Christmas season.


  1. 3 years....congratulations! I haven't read your blog long enough to know, but 'been with' does that mean dating, engaged or are you guys married?

  2. Wow that is a long time! Good for you guys! Glad you had fun on your date!

  3. you are soo beautiful! and that red velvet cheesecake... i am drooling!!!

  4. happy three whole years! you two are adorable.

  5. Yay! Congratulations on three years. That's so fun to hear!


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