Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas: A Photo Recap

It was a good one :)

with mom's family

sweet little Robin got a view finder

 walking the puppies at their farm

 yeah, my sister's gorgeous
so is my grandparents' pond!

 his first time visiting this extended family!

bowling and mini golf with my oober competitive family

Christmas Eve brunch
banana nut waffles, bacon, potatoes, strawberries and eggs with queso blanco!

Baking cookies to decorate with the girls on Christmas

Christmas Eve prime rib dinner
enjoyed on silly plates while watching It's A Wonderful Life
we're fancy

 reading the Bible, Christmas Eve

 while wearing "tacky" sweaters
they're actually just Mom's sweaters ;)

Opening gifts
some very thoughtful 

a photo canvas collage, handmade by Lindsey

 some exciting!

( this one, y'all, brought tears
it's a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, if you can't tell
and I am beyond grateful)

 or shouts of joy

 sweet smiles

 and spread cheer everywhere

 our Christmas tree

full of memories

 nativity handmade by Grandma

 stockings with dad's family on Christmas Day

A Tex Mex feast, with fajitas and my awesome enchiladas

 all cute with my red tights!

board games

 with family, new and old

And so much more merry to enjoy
Praise God that we have such a reason to celebrate
Jesus left heaven
to live as one of us,
to die,
and to conquer death(!)
so that we can truly live.

And all of these beautiful pictures
capturing my joy from this season
really point to God's grace and blessing
He is my reason for celebration.


  1. Love the Toms! So much Christmas merriment. xoxo

  2. looks like a wonderful time! i remember my viewfinder. i am glad to see they are still around!

  3. You got so many fun pictures of you and your fam... Looks like it was wonderful!


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