Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap!

I am really excited to share with you 
what I got in my Cold Hands Warm Hearts package!
It's a blogger swap program put on by
 Ilene from Much Love Illy and 
Sandy from Sandy a la Mode

The basic requirements are that you get to know 
an assigned blogger and send them a goodie package 
which must include a pair of gloves or mittens 
(to keep their hands warm!) 
and then any other tidbits and accessories you think would be good.

I was paired up with Jessica who blogs over at The In Between.
It was great getting to know her through blog, Twitter and email!
I had been gone all day long when my package came in, 
so I didn't get to open it until really late at night
But I was just tooo excited to wait for better picture-taking lighting

Pretty festive packaging

What could be inside?

several very cutesy packages! 
i don't know if you can tell,
but they all have sweet little tags on them!

cable knit gloves from Target
and festive red tights
I totally wore these THE NEXT DAY
I looove them!

Then, Trader Joe's Candy Cane Coal
(we don't have Trader's Joe here, so this was awesome!)
A Bissinger Chocolate Bar
and Bissinger Chardonnay Salt Caramels.
I samples a little of everything right then. 

Hook 'em!

If you want to see what I sent Jessica, 
check out her blog here!

Or check out all the participants at the link up.

Getting packages in the mail is super fun,
and so are surprises, 
so I really enjoyed this swap
and it's been great getting to know other bloggers
all over the world!


  1. what a super fun package!!! love the gloves and tights! thanks for participating, friend! xo

  2. Those gloves are perfect! And my stomach literally gurgled when I read the words "candy cane coal". Grumble grumble!

  3. Naturally I love this post. Great job. Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. love it! the festive tights are awesome :)

  5. Love the red tights, probably gonna go hunt some down for myself :) Wasn't this fun?

  6. Love your gifts!! You are right, Kody did a great job wrapping mine. So pretty and festive! This was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Oh my! You got so so so many wonderful little goodies!

  8. Love your blog header (and all those amazing gifts!) Isn't this swap the best? Be sure to check out my post!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  9. Such fantastic goodies! I love how they're all individually wrapped...like receiving a whole bunch of Christmas gifts :)

  10. caaaa-uuuute package - even down to the packaging and the wrapping! those tights are so fun and the gloves super cute. :) thanks for joining the swap!!

  11. Love your package and the awesome picture you took with your glove! Lol :D

  12. Such wonderful gifts! Anything from Trader Joe's is a treat. :) Love the gloves and those tights...so nice.


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