Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

My baby sister turns 21 today! 

She also has three finals today. Yuck.

So, to help get you through the day, Lindsey, 
here are 21 memories that are also reasons I love you.

  1. Remember that time when we were really young and we decided to play pinata with the empty one in your room and a baseball bat while one person held the pinata out with their arm and the other swung the bat? Thanks for holding the pinata ;)
  2. Remember when we colored ourselves with highlighters and danced under your black light to Avril Lavigne? We were too cool.
  3. Remember when we went to the optometrist for the first time and I was absolutely mortified that I had to get glasses, but you bought fake ones at Claire's and we both had them?
  4.  Remember when you refused to read Harry Potter unless it was read aloud, so we took turns reading to each other every single night? 
  5. Remember when we were sitting in the hammock in the backyard talking about really serious life and death stuff and the hammock just broke and we fell to the ground? And so then we couldn't stop laughing?
  6. Remember when we went to Disney World with youth choir and didn't want to wear the ugly shirts so we wore tank tops instead and got tans?  
  7. Remember that time we were on vacation and our parents got lost looking for a putt putt golf course and dad got really frustrated and told us to just be quiet in the backseat but it just made us laugh even harder? And then we made videos on our phones about it and anytime we'd play them it would make us laugh even more?
  8. Remember when we were working with dad and we thought one of his clients was legitimately a witch? We watched way too much tv...
  9. Remember when we were at Wolf Creek State Park with Granny Alice and I pants-ed you in your bikini? Lol yeah... sorry about that. 
  10. Remember on that same visit when Granny Alice took us to the Indian Reservation for the day as a surprise? And when you figured out where we were going you started crying? Haha. 
  11. Remember when we were going to film our own TV show called Girl Talk at our house? And we even recorded the intro with a Britney Spears' song in the background?
  12. Remember how you used to not like children at all? And now you can't help but play with them and watch them protectively everywhere we go? And you served as a summer children's intern and work with infants now?? 
  13. Remember when I was literally sick with anxiety and sadness over a breakup and you held me on the bathroom floor until I was all cried out? Thank you so much for that. 
  14. Remember when we moved your bed to the living room of our apartment and shared it for two weeks and watched Grey's Anatomy and played Wii Play every night? That was fun :)
  15. Remember that time we had a really long drive and so every time we got to a new town we'd sing a different Kelly Clarkson song? 
  16. Remember when we got separated in church because one of our doodles made us laugh really loud in the middle of the sermon? Sometimes I'm more lenient on my students because of that memory. 
  17. Remember when you tried the crepes I made, even though you're super picky?? It made me really happy. 
  18. Remember when we used to make up random dances at the house during the summer? So we went through all the "cool" cassette tapes we could find? I think that included the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and Sounds of the 70's. 
  19. Remember all those times you've called me out on my sin? And even when I'd get defensive or mad, you were generally always right. 
  20. Remember that time we were going to be Tinkerbell and Peter Pan for Halloween in high school? But I couldn't find an appropriate dress for Tinkerbell? So you dressed up like Peter Pan anyway and you were super cute? Yeah, I remember that.
  21. Remember all those times you were supportive when it seemed like nobody else was? I still have voicemails saved on my phone from youth trips where I didn't think I could handle it or from fights where I knew I'd screwed up a relationship, where you spoke truth and love to me.
(Emma Pillsbury from Glee and a white trash pageant mom)
Halloween 2010

You're the funniest person I know
and you have the biggest heart
I love you, sis. 

Betty and Wilma
Halloween 2009 

BSM fundraiser
at least we raised $1000


  1. so sweet, brought tears to my eyes to read this and see all the pics. Happy birthday Lindsey!!!

    Cristy (Taryn, Jade, Zab, and Nadia's mom)

  2. this is so precious and so sweet. love the tribute! happy birthday to your sis!!!


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