Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Renewal and Resolutions

Setting goals for myself has always been something that kept me motivated
... if I cared about that goal.
So, these things that I'll be working toward in 2012 are things 
that I care enough about to share in a place with accountability.

Here are things I'm praying over
and working to see more of in 2012:

1. Develop humility
If I want to be more like Jesus, this is the first one I've got to work on.

2. Eat less processed foods 
I want to cut down on the canned, packaged, sodium laden products that I've depended on and instead lean more on fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade meals and DIY products (such as my DIY Vanilla Extract, dressings, or syrups). I'll be practicing this by making weekly menus, visiting farmer's markets, and packing lunches in mason jars for when I know I won't have time to cook. I'm not saying I won't eat Kraft Mac and Cheese or some Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. I just want to be more proactive in using homemade or fresh foods when I can.

3. Develop an exercise routine
For 2011, I resolved to join a gym and work out three times a week. And I did! ... when I had a gym buddy. But after graduation and moving and spraining my ankle, the treadmill has not been a possibility and I actually kind of despise running anyway.  I want to still take care of my body by exploring options like yoga or Pilates; that way I still stay active and can get away from running. Who knows, maybe I'll enjoy exercise?

4. Invest more time in my students
I will have more time to invest since my church has generously brought me on full time for the remainder of my time with OMBC and I was able to quit my second job. I want to go to band concerts, wrestling tournaments, powerlifting meets and mariachi performances to support my students. But I also want to sit down and talk and pray and find out what's going on in their lives... and then play an active role in it. 

5. Be more organized and responsible financially 
I have taken measures to limit my expenses in a city that's pretty expensive to live in- sharing a room, paying off my car, living in a house of four ladies and dividing all the bills- but I still require some budgeting and planning to keep a tight control on what God's blessed me with. I want to be a faithful and wise steward of those funds! 

6. Do things now that I won't be able to do later
I want to enjoy all the beautiful and unique things about Austin that I won't have access to when I leave for seminary in the fall. I want to be present when spending time with people whom I'll be leaving. I want to take more chances and risks now, before I am responsible to a husband and family or restrained my a school schedule again!

What are some of the goals you've set for yourself this year? 
Or what ideas are driving you in this fresh start?


  1. great goals! you can do it, girl! God has got you covered. i am really working on #2 for our family. it's so tough but worth it.

  2. What great resolutions! The second one is something I want to get better at this year too!

  3. These are fantastic goals! I might just have to steal a few of them.

  4. Oh I just love your heart for your students! Congrats on coming on full time @ church. Blessings and love to you!


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