Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ice Skating and Smores!

Since most of our Austin schools start today or tomorrow, 
yesterday I took my students out for an end-of-Christmas-break last shebang! 
Plus, it was a great excuse for me to play with my new camera :)

First, we went ice skating at Whole Foods. 
The rink was small but not too crowded and
 for $10 total per person, it wasn't too bad!

these lovely ladies decided they just wanted to shop, instead of skate
well I can't blame them, Whole Foods is pretty awesome!

 They even got me out there! 
Thankfully my ankle held up through it all
and no falls!


And then we headed over to Freddie's for smores!
I know we could have bought all the ingredients ourselves 
and made our own fire...
but for 11 people to get smores for $6?
So worth having someone else put it together!

  I forced them all to stand up in the little stage
because the background was so pretty and colorful!

We had a blast and are ready to get back to our regularly scheduled activities now!
How did you celebrate the end of your vacation?


  1. Way to go hun! :) I still have never tried ice skating! I was a pretty good rollerblader when I was younger though!

  2. just found your adorable blog, now following :) you are so sweet and your heart just shines through.



  3. these photo's are so cute! looks like tons of fun! happy new year! xo


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