Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: Beauty Products Edition

Today, I'm linking up with Ashley at 5ohWifey and Jenna at The Life of the Wife 
for part three of the Girl Behind the Blog series! 
Today's topic is about our favorite beauty products


I'm no expert but I'm sharing what works for me and is super affordable!

Also, please note.
I normally look something like this

So you may or may not want to take my advice ;) 

If you don't have time to listen, 
I recommend Revlon's Color Last Eyeliner in Brown
and Maybelleine's Great Lash mascara! 
Oh, and a microfiber washcloth for taking it off. 

*note- I do know that just because you wear black eyeliner does not mean you party every night, nor do I judge said party-goers. And it looks really awesome on lots of girls! When I wear black eyeliner it's a bit much! Sorry!*

**that "bye" is ridiculous. I thought I edited it out! ha, that is a glimpse into my East Texas background. Enjoy :)**

Thank you Ashley and Jenna for hosting!
Happy weekend, y'all! 


  1. You're super cute! Target is a-okay with me! :) I like your recommendation for a microfiber cloth - gonna have to try that. I hate eye makeup remover. And I hate scrubbing my eyes too. :D

  2. Okay you are THE CUTEST and just beautiful! I wish we lived closer EVEN MORE now!!!! :) I love the poor girl's guide to makeup - so me too haha. I use Revlon's Colorstay too!
    You have the sweetest spirit, such a gentle attitude and I can't wait to (hopefully!) someday meet you :) (you kind of remind of me Rory from Gilmore Girls a little bit! Which is totally a compliment because I love her!) xoxo hugs friend!

    ps - I said "bye" at the end of mine too, haha!

  3. Aww, I liked your bye! You're adorable :) That's a great idea removing eye makeup! I can't do it without some sort of cloth, microfiber would be really gentle. :)

  4. i am totally with you on the poor girls guide to beauty..i almost felt embarrassed that my recommendations were "el cheapo"--
    you seem so sweet...and i love your accent.. so nice to see "the girl behind the blog"

  5. haha Chelsea you made me laugh "no, I'm not tired, my eyeliner just wore off" that is so ME! When I don't have eyeliner/mascara I feel like I look dead. I also love your disclaimer about black eyeliner haha Love ya girl!

  6. Who doesn't love Target--I mean really? Totally FINE that you shop there..cause who doesn't!? You are seriously so dang natural on did GREAT girlie!! Thanks for linking up!


  7. You and I both agree on our target makeup shopping and our realization that all nascaras basically do the same thing. BUT why you gotta hate in black eyeliner? Haha. You are seriously so pretty. Love that you linked up again!

  8. Like that you use brown instead of can look SO harsh. Natural beauty is my fav.

  9. Lady you're so smart - I don't want to spend money on makeup remover. A microfiber wash cloth is the perfect remedy. Thanks for the advice.

  10. Chels!!! =) Agree with everything Erin wrote above =) I totally want to meet you someday =)
    Your 'bye' is the sweetest!! No need to try to hide that at all!! =)
    I love your picture and comment about not wanting to take your advice, thats like totally the way I was feeling about the whole thing hahaha =)
    You really are a natural at talking in front of a camera...I always have to edit mine like 10,000 times to make it sound so smooth!! =)
    Much love girl!!

  11. Chelsea! You are adorable! I really enjoyed your post! And no worries about the cheap makeup. I've recently been trying expensive makeups, but only for my foundation and I have a really hard time spending the money! Cheap is great. I really like your advice about the micro fiber cloth. I'm going to have to try that. Thanks =)
    Alesha <3

  12. i'll have to try out the eyeliner! when i saw the name of your blog, it made me smile because one of my best friends has a cooking blog called taste & see. :)

    found you through the link up! xo

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