Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore: #cheapgirlfashion

It all started when I took a self portrait 
(see below)
and realized that I looked pretty cute but was wearing very thrifty/inexpensive things

[$3 Forever 21 sunglasses, $5 Sam Moon faux pearls, and $3 clearance JCPenney top]

And then I realized that most of the time I'm wearing thrifty/inexpensive things

[$3 Forever 21 sunglasses, $0.50 Claire's necklace (from way back when), $5 Ann Taylor Loft top via Goodwill]

And so, #cheapgirlfashion was born. You can follow me on Instagram (chelsealynae) for more fun and thrifty outfits! 

[$5 clearance Charlotte Russe top, $2 mint sorbet nail polish]

This may be one of my favorite thrifty outfits to date!

[hand me down cardigan, $2 Old Navy dress via garage sale, $3 Forever 21 belt, and Blowfish Shoes won in a blog giveaway]
(sans pedicure. not cute.)

I'm loving Goodwill, blog giveaways, Forever 21 for accessories, clothes swaps and hand me downs! I'll take your old clothes. No shame here. 

You see, consumerism invades so much of my perspective
but I want to live my life through God's perspective.
I want to be a good steward of the things God has given me.
So, in my life, that means not stressin over beautiful, expensive clothes
But rather investing my money and time into my students and my church
(and food also, apparently, because I eat a lot).

What's your favorite way to save money and stay fashionable?


  1. I love Goodwill. The Goodwills around here have a $1 day one weekend a month. All the clothes are only $1. It's great!

    Also Target is where I usually shop for new things. It seems to have the best quality of clothing for the price.

  2. oooooh! Cute shoes! Love the red! And, thrifted things are the best. I wish I was better at finding the good stuff, though. LOL.

    Happy Wednesday!


  3. you are the QUEEN of #cheapgirlfashion :) I always love seeing your posts with that hashtag! I could learn a thing or two from you that's for sure!

  4. HAHA I LOVE your style, sounds similar to mine at finding clothes. Do you guys have a Plato's closet down there in TX? I LOVE the one here....they take everyones still current styles clothing (in decent condition) and resell it for a fraction of the price.
    Love you girl! Oh and that mint sorbet color....LOVE.

  5. adorable! I love thrifting, just got home from it!

    newest follower. :)


  6. I am such a sucker for any outfit that includes red shoes! Beautiful!


  7. Cute! I love all of your thrifty outfits!


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