Monday, August 6, 2012

Where I've Been

I've been a little MIA this week.

I spent Monday through Wednesday packing, cleaning, and moving. I helped David move out of and clean his place on Monday and then he helped me move out of and clean my place on Tuesday. Wednesday we drove a U-Haul full of everything I own to my new student housing in Ft Worth, unloaded everything with some help from my parents and my bestie, and drove back to Austin.

Thursday I drove the 15 passenger van to McAllen, Texas for the SEC South Conference! It was my last overnight event with the youth group and I have to say, it was a fantastic way to end our big summer events. 

I will share more stories and reflections on these things later but for now, here are some random observations for you from a ca-razy week.

1. Cabo Bob's Burritos > Chipotle and Freebirds. 

I LOVE Cabo Bob's. The owners are Christians and have been exceedingly generous to our church. It's not often you see the owner of a restaurant on the service line pressing tortillas but John is pretty much always right in the middle of all the hard work. He is sure to greet me every time I come in even though we had only met a couple of times before. 

Oh and THE FOOD! The tortillas are cooked right in front of you and there are tons of fresh and delicious options for your tacos, burrito or bowl. My favorite combination is flour tortillas- baja beans- brown rice- fish- mango/cucumber salsa- chipotle crema. It's so fresh, flavorful and is normally gone in about two seconds. The carnitas is reaaaalllly good too! The fountain drinks are all made with cane sugar from the Dublin plant (formally home of Dublin Dr Pepper. They have a new drink called Doppelganger that tastes just like it!).

Only in Austin, y'all. I will definitely miss it. Glad we got to enjoy some in between moving!

2. Moving is better when wearing pearls.

Even if your roommate makes fun of you for it. I felt less grungy even if I was scrubbing baseboards. (Oh and these are fake Sam Moon pearls. Don't get your real pearls dirty.) 

3. Progress in packing just feels like clutter. 

Yuck. I hate clutter. I am not looking forward to the long unpacking/organizing process I'll be going through at my new place. Oh and this photo shows you how large our awesome master bedroom was. I am definitely going to miss that giant closet!

4. I might be the oldest 23 year old I know.

... and I might have lost some hearing at this concert. I may or may not have had my fingers in my ears for a lot of it. (I may or may not have still been able to perfectly hear the songs even with that) The Newsboys have been performing for almost 30 years and were still pretty awesome at our conference. I guess I never cared for this song before but now I cannot get Something Beautiful out of my head. Love it!

5. God's glory is so evident at the beach

We spent a few hours at South Padre Island this weekend. It was so great to enjoy the cool water, the warm breeze and abundant sunshine. We built castles and dug "hot tubs". We failed at flying a Spiderman kite. We enjoyed some satisfying sandwiches and watermelon. Next time you make a sandwich? Chipotle mayo. Game Changer. Oh and I got a super sweet tan line on the back of my arm. There are white fingerprints where I must have been holding my arm and blocking the sun. It's cute. 

And you know what? I don't have a lot of other pictures from this week. For once, I tried to really live my life instead of document it. I will definitely share more pictures as I organize and decorate my new home. But for now, I hope this randomness will suffice!


  1. yep....pearls making everything better (wearing my pearls on this dragging Monday morning!). and amen about God's presence at the beach

  2. #5. YES.
    and omg i am dying over that food pic. need some now. you think i can convince the owner to move up to chicago?

  3. i wish i lived in texas cuz that food looks AWESOME!

  4. I remember that Elizabeth Taylor wore her big chunky ring while cleaning her toilet. You are in her league, ha ha! Happy organizing! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  5. I wish I had known pearls made moving better, because then I would have been wearing mine when I moved last week. Darn it! Haha :]

    Also: pretty sure heaven is going to be a beach. I just love it. And I miss it. Terribly.

    Speaking of things I miss, I miss YOU, so we should have a skype chat soon, yes?

    1. not that you are a thing. you are very definitely a person. but i think you know what i mean. haha.


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