Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog: How Blogging Has Changed Me

This month our prompt is as follows:

Introduce yourself and your blog
What is one of the main ways blogging has changed you?
How has blogging changed the way you reflect on issues that you wouldn't have before?
 At the end of the day, how are you empowered and encouraged by blogging- by your own and by others?
How do you think you could add to your blog being a blessing to yourself and others?

I think I say umm about 57 times and I didn't say exactly what I meant to but hey it's a vlog! 
Hopefully you can understand what I'm getting at.

Also, I wrote a post very similar to what I discuss in the vlog here

Check out all the other videos here


  1. You are beautiful as always. You are so right, our words are so powerful, and we need to be careful. I am always so encouraged by you. And I cant wait to meet you in October!!

  2. I LOVE you girl!! And Can't wait to meet you!! Will totally give you a big hug when we meet in person at the airport and I don't feel its weird cause I feel it was weird when we didnt know each other!!! HAHA!! =)
    I LOVE what you said about our words, so true!!
    LOve your heart! Cant wait to see you!!
    Much Love!

  3. I always say um too! It's inevitable. Words are definitely powerful, and that is most evident in blogging. I try to keep blogging my "happy place", so I don't ever want to hurt anyone! It's nice to "meet" you!! xoxox

  4. LOL when you say it like that, it does sound a little crazy (influence) haha I haven't told many people because I know how crazy it sounds! One thing you could do to be a blessing would be to figure out how to make one of your amazing recipes for me from your Influence hotel room ;) j/k. kinda. Can't wait till October!

    1. Kerrie is a thousand percent right. You would definitely be a blessing if you made us dinner at Influence! Preferably your apple butter pork tenderloin. I have that recipe bookmarked, I hope you know. ;]

  5. Words are so important! You're so right. I was thinking of our conversation about this when I filmed my own vlog.

    Also, we need to get your priorities straight. School? Really? Chelsea. I'm disappointed. Ehh, well. We've got three days in Indy and two in Chicago to figure that mess out. WHEE!

  6. I like that you are thinking through about how you share your words...bc they are def read by people way beyond who we even realize. :) I always try to blog just as only as the Lord leads, and never out of my own "thing". :) I think you are so sweet and love your heart! glad to get to know you girl!!

  7. You are the cutest. Words ARE so important. I am always cautious to be positive on my blog...especially since I hope that my little boy will read it someday! :)

  8. You are SO CUTE and southern :) I know this is random, but your mannerisms kinda remind me of Reese Witherspoon on "Sweet Home Alabama" - and by the way, she's one of my favorite characters in that movie! ;)
    I can't WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! Can it be October already, please?!?
    Love you!


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