Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Appetite for God's Word

a post by Rachael

Hey girls! I’m so excited to be sharing with you today here on Chelsea’s blog. I have been her fan for a while now, and I’m so blessed to be sponsoring her!

I wanted to just quickly {in my awesome guest posting opportunity!} to share with you something I’ve been contemplating lately…

My appetite. Specifically, my appetite for God’s Word.

Lately my God-appetite and desire for food has been a bit like my body after I’ve been sick. I see the food, and I know it’s good! I can smell it, and it might smell a little bit tempting, but there’s nothing in me that wants it enough to eat it. Have you ever experienced this? I did a few weeks ago – it’s no fun – and there is no way my body can survive for any length of time with my stomach laying empty.

My Spirit needs sustenance just the same. Jesus calls me to feed on Him; He is my bread, my sustenance, the very thing necessary for me to survive! [Matthew 4:4, 26:26]

How do you gain back a spiritual appetite that has been lost? How can we, as young women, increase our desire for God’s Word?

Here are some ideas:
1.      Identify why your appetite for God is lacking. If you are not feasting on Him, you must be eating at another table. Where are you eating, friend? Are you indulging in too much sickly-sweet world, through television, movies, magazines? Is it time to go on a ‘diet’ and cut these things out, in favour of the sweet fruit and vegetables of the Word?
2.      Push through. Sometimes, if we are unwell and food doesn’t seem like a good idea, it is worth pushing through this mental block and just eating something, due to the fact that we know our body needs it to survive. In the same way, begin cultivating daily practice of ‘eating’ the Bible, even if you don’t feel like it.
3.      Find support. No one in the world would expect someone with food or weight issues to go it alone – there are hundreds of programs and groups to help people with some aspect of eating food. Get involved in a small group that will keep you accountable to partaking of God’s word regularly, and allowing it to transform your life. Encourage them back! The blogging world is a great place to see this in action :)

Well, there you have it girls! I am not perfect, and these points are some of the things God is teaching me. I have been seeking Him for what I need to cut out and replace with Him, and we are on this journey together. Want to follow it too? Head over to my blog and leave a comment  - I really would love to meet you!

P.S. Thanks again Chels! Love having your blog for a day! Xo


I don't know about y'all,  but this is something that is super important as I'm attending seminary and especially this time of year! Thank you so much, Rachael, for sharing these great encouragements! 

Stop by Rachael's blog and send some love!

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