Tuesday, December 4, 2012

life lately

Tomorrow is the last day of classes. I have one very late paper to turn in and three finals to study diligently for, and then it is time for pure Christmas bliss. 

This past week I had two big projects due, resulting in one all-nighter, lots of library dwelling, and a record amount of coffee drinking.

inconspicuous self portrait from the library, while listening to Christmas tunes

a beautiful and deadly new level

red cup and red lipstick after an all nighter. 
don't let that face fool you. I fell asleep as soon as I made it through class

I took a couple of study breaks to add some Christmas cheer to my little house. 
I used to have an extensive troll collection. Yes, weird and awesome. These guys are the only survivors because they're so funny and festive!

Then, my little sister Lindsey came to spend the weekend with me!

We explored Fort Worth- I gave her the grand tour of the seminary and the food park. I grabbed Starbucks and she got a Coke at Target and we looked at potential gifts. We had lunch at Chick Fil A, got caught up on Grey's Anatomy, talked a whole lot, saw Skyfall at Movie Tavern and gorged ourselves on pancakes at IHOP (well technically I got stuffed french toast). I had such a great time hanging out with my sis! And we didn't take any pictures because we just didn't even think about it :)

I was super excited to take her to my new church- I just knew that she would love it. Well, I woke up feeling kinda achy but thought I must have slept weird. I got a headache before she was ready for church and thought I needed my coffee fix. So I grabbed coffee and banana bread and we headed to church. Halfway through the service, I started getting really hot and kinda woozy.

I had the flu. 

Thankfully I have very understanding bosses, friends and neighbors who are willing to take care of me, and a clear schedule with time to rest when I need to. I am feeling much better today- no more fever or body aches! Thanks for all of your suggestions and prayers. They were and are very much appreciated. 

hope y'all have a wonderful week! 


  1. Hi. I'm a new follower from Sweetness Itself's giveaway. (Awesome prize you are giving by the way). I had a huge troll collection too!! I think they were sold in a yard sale many years ago. Congrats on the Gold Status. I'm almost there myself ;)

  2. I AM LOVING those trolls! hah too cute!

  3. Your place looks so Christmassy! Sorry to hear that you have/had the flu. :-( Hope you were able to get the rest that you needed. I had a nasty sinus bug over Thanksgiving that lasted for over two weeks. Ugh! Tis the season, right?! Well, have a happy weekend - it was so fun discovering your blog for the first time today!


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