Wednesday, January 30, 2013

snippets: awesome, awkward and annoying

official Starbucks gold card 

and a new shower curtain that was on sale at Target - it matches my rug! 
(when I was supposed to just be buying toilet paper. of course)

a fabulous Goodwill where I found J Crew matchstick jeans for $12
and this gorgeous boutique dress for $8. Love.

no description needed. 
my heart is happy.

Ringo got a haircut and he can see again! 

the groomer kept referring to Ringo as a girl.... I mean, didn't you just trim his entire body?

this sign in the restrooms at Reservoir restaurant. Super funny but super awkward.

 the heater giving out in my house right in the middle of a cold front, while I'm battling mild bronchitis- I had to get dressed in front of the stove on full blast to keep from shivering violently... but while I was getting dressed maintenance arrived. It was a crazy moment! Thank goodness for prompt maintenance from the school!

 These super cute flats were marked down to less than $5 at Target (another time that I just went in for air filters!). I grabbed two pairs since they're darling. One walk across campus and I was limping in pain and my heels were bleeding :( Any tips on protecting my feet from blisters?

How has your week been?


  1. I received the same shoes but in brown as a gift back in December. I thought they were adorable and loved them a lot! Until I wore them. Just like you, I was limping and got blisters as well. But I still really liked the shoes... I'm glad I stuck with it. After a week of wearing them they broke in, and I can wear them pain free now! I would definitely recommend wearing bandaids until then:)

  2. love that you are standing in your cute new dress (that i love) in your blue socks. too cute. ha, i love dr pepper. my husband & I actually toasted with these bottles of DP for our wedding toast. hope you can shake the sickness.

  3. ahahahah "didn't they trim his whole body?" hahahah


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