Wednesday, February 13, 2013


some of the things I love this week:

iced lattes and warm chocolate chip cookies from the campus cafe during my 3 hour class breaks (or any of their other pastries. they are all fantastic)

snuggles with this guy while I read one of my 4389876 textbooks 

Fun ponytails. I uploaded a little tutorial on how I did this one here! 

a job with wonderful bosses, delicious food to try, and the sweet smell of cupcakes all day. Oh and free coffee. 

my best friend expecting her first child! 

pink pants! I love how feminine and fun they are. 

Target's $1 section. I packed together this little Valentine's Day gift pack for my sister.  

Homemade Valentine's Day gifts. I posted earlier this week about the homemade monopoly game. Well, this year I painted this replica of the famous street art in Austin for David because of our shared love for Austin, color and street art. Hats off to all you painters because it was a lot harder than I thought it would be and it still looks like a five year old did it :) Hopefully he will still appreciate the heart behind it!

What are you loving this week? 


  1. I love everything in this post! Oh and when I saw your card I immediately thought it was a replica of that streeet art before I read that it was- so I think it's really good!

    After I saw your picture from the Target dollar bin last week on Instagram I went and scoured it at mine! I got the same pencils, they're so cute.

    love your pink pants!

  2. I think we all want your job. Of course, I'd end up spendung whatever money I made on the food from the other trucks! lol :)

    Your week looks full of so many good things. My week is about to get crazy. I'm supposed to be hosting a dinner for my Mom's birthday and my best friend HAD her baby last night. Needless to say, I'll be at the hospital for a while today.

  3. Aw those are ALL things to love :) I wore some pink pants yesterday, and I agree, they're so fun! I'm loving tea these days, and my breakfast shakes that I've been having! And I love my Tuesday night work out class, the instructor is phenomenal! She always puts me in the BEST mood, ha!

    Happy Humpday dear!

  4. I love you so much.... what an AWESOME gift!! You are so creative and thoughtful

  5. I love the "I love you so much" replica. What a great idea. We have some of our engagement pictures in front of that wall. I should do this for my man!

  6. Looove the painting! Also, I have never ordered food from a food truck, but every time I see photos of where you work, I want to haha.


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