Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Girl Behind the Blog Prompt: Your Inner Foodie

I am excited to announce to you today that I am co-hosting this month's Girl Behind the Blog with Ashley at 5ohWifey! I have been linking up with Ashley for a whole year of fun vlog prompts and was seriously excited when she asked me to join in for March! 

I got to meet Ashley in person at the Influence Conference and she is as awesome as she seems on her blog! I seriously felt so welcomed and loved because of her efforts as a community leader!

If you don't know Ashley, go check out her blog pronto. She is honest, abounding in grace and probably the cutest pregnant lady you've ever seen. Oh and this video of 5ohBig. Thank me later, it's cuteness overload. 

So, Tuesday, March 26, 2013... one week from today... we invite YOU to go all foodie on us. And maybe make a few new friends. All you have to do is follow both of our blogs, post a button anywhere on your blog, and post a short vlog answering the following questions. You'll only have to link up on one of the host's blogs because our links will be interlinked. We really hope you join us. You can grab a button below to put up on your blog. Spread the word and lets get to know each other a little better! Here are the deets... feel free to make your video your own but please try to stick to these prompts and the time limit. 

The Girl Behind The Blog- Your Inner Foodie
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long

Do you have a food philosophy? (gluten free, vegan, whole foods, whatever is easiest, kid friendly, etc etc)
If you could only have two foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Do you have a favorite food blogger or place for inspiration?
Share a favorite recipe or link with us! 

<a href="http://www.5ohwifey.com/search/label/TGBTB" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc416/5ohwifey/Blog%20Tools/NEWtgbtb.jpg" alt="5ohwifey" width="200" height="200" /></a>


  1. AHH!!! How exciting!!!! :) :)
    LOVE you both so much!!! Will have to start thinking and getting ready for this one :)
    Much Love!!

  2. yay!!! It's about time to co-host, especially on the topic of FOOD!! That's so you.

  3. Awesome! I've never done a Girl Behind the Blog vlog, but I always love watching others'. Also, this topic is so you!

  4. This sounds so fun! I have not participated in the vlog series, but love this prompt and just might do it!

  5. Can't WAIT! I told Ashley that the only thing that would make this better is if we were all together and could sample each other's faves!

  6. SO excited about this :) Excited you're co-hosting and excited it's about FOOD :)

    Love you friend

  7. Aw that is soooo cool! Love to see other bloggers meeting up in real life. yay!


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