Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girl Behind the Blog: Travel

I'm so stinkin excited that today my blog BFF Annie from What She Saw is co-hosting The Girl Behind the Blog vlog link up with Ashley at Written on Her Heart! This is my absolute favorite link-up and the only one I really keep up with :) If you don't know either of these ladies, go check out their blogs and say hello! 

Today we're talking about travel- where we've been and where we'd love to go. I apologize for gushing about my domestic journeys ;) 

And I totally forgot to include that this past year I traveled to Indianapolis for The Influence Conference and then spent a couple of days in Chicago (which was awesome). 

Some things I refer to in my video:
DECA- a business and marketing student organization
Megan I had dinner with in Cocoa Beach, of Megan Elizabeth Photography 
Inspired to visit Greece by Margaret

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Why are you the cutest ever? And yay for Orlando! I love it and super miss it. Margaret made me want to visit Greece toooooo

  2. You are so cute!! Those sound like some pretty sweet adventures!

  3. You're just the cutest! I am so jealous you got to go to Harry Potter world! :)

  4. C-FRANCE!

    hold up. how did i not know you haven't been out of the country? and how am i not trying to rectify this right now?

    and how did i not know you had been to the premiere of TWILIGHT?! (of all things, chelsea. of all movies. ;] )

    i always love hearing about your adventures in the PNW. :] & i love how you included pictures of all your travels!

    four and a half minutes of saintly francisness was not enough! i'm excited for more lone star adventures in march :]

  5. Oh I wish I had thought to add pictures. I love all of yours!

  6. I loved your intro song! =) The Northwest is pretty awesome isn't it? If you ever come back to Florida, let me know in advance and I will drive to come meet you! =) Or you can come to South Florida and experience the beaches and the smaller towns (that still have a ton of people). I love how shy yet personable you seem on your vlogs. Loved it!
    Alesha <3

  7. You are so cute and I loved hearing about where you've been. That swimsuit is adorable!! :)

    PS - you're comin to influence, right? I miss you!


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