Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Girl Behind the Blog: Comfort Zones

Linking up with  Megan and Ashley for Girl Behind the Blog! 
They're awesome, this link up is awesome and this topic is pretty awesome too :)

I have to admit I totally forgot this was today... so I didn't fix my hair or makeup. But here you go! Talking about comfort zones today.


  1. I seriously think there's nothing better than a solo shopping trip. just makes ya feel good!

  2. You are adorable! As always. I totally know what you meant about your old youth group being a comfort zone for you. The youth group I was in and then was a leader in was a HUGE comfort zone for me. Way to go for getting out there and serving somewhere new! I hope it goes awesome!
    Alesha <3

  3. You're too cute! I totally get what you mean about "your students" brig your comfort zone. It's so easy and so good when you are with students who trust you and love you. Definitely an area I try to take steps out in too! :)

  4. you are so cute...i love that you worked to keep yourself from jealousy =) i was jealous every day up until it that somehow stayed off twitter and instagram when it happened to keep myself happy =)

  5. Here you are posting last minute day of and here i am watching a month late. Boo on me. I love that "your people" are your comfort zone. Your adorable as always


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