Friday, November 8, 2013

life lately

It feels like so long since I've updated the blog about what's going on in my life. If you're not already, join me on Instagram and Twitter for more daily interaction! This semester has flown by with a blur of schoolwork, barista-ing, papers, research, coffee, reading, and sleep. 

I've gotten a chance to try lots of fun coffee flavors and combinations. I'm planning to write a post soon with my tips for ordering coffee at Starbucks! Let me know if you have any questions. 
We had a debate in my theology class over a controversial issue. I was super scared but found that in the moment I was a great debater! Who knew :)

My little apartment is officially decorated for fall. I love the cool weather and bright leaves. 

Thankfully I really do love the topics I'm studying this semester. I have top notch professors who are passionate about what they teach and truly love the Lord. And that makes working so hard to do my assignments just a little easier. 

The holiday flavors at Starbucks are here! I really love the pretty cold cups and fun flavors. 
Caramel brulee latte, gingerbread frappucino (no molasses thank you) and iced eggnog latte in those forms. Take my word for it. They're super tasty. Oh and peppermint mocha is a classic, of course. 

Did I mention my best friend had a baby? And that he's the cutest little man ever?? I'm so glad I got to go visit Cooper over my fall break! 

How have YOU been??

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  1. Cooper is adorable and I'm slightly envious of your job at Starbucks! Mainly because that's what keeps me going through night classes some days and I've been reloading my gold card probably more than I should.

    Question: Is the Peppermint Mocha Via worth it? I raved about the peppermint mocha to Alan but he can't get it overseas and I was thinking about sending a package or two to him. ...

    Also, I'm so glad that classes are going well for you! I know that for me, I am ready for the end of the semester. Since I already have one final tonight, it's easy to just want to mentally check out. Professors who love the Lord and love what they do are definitely a blessing!


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