Tuesday, April 15, 2014

zoo day!

I was scheduled to be out of town teaching at a conference this past weekend, but due to registration, travel and attendance logistics, I ended up staying home. My sister convinced me to spend Saturday exploring the Fort Worth Zoo with her and I am so glad I did! It was a gorgeous day, with a perfect breeze and just enough sunshine. 

When we first pulled up to the zoo, ALL of the parking lots were full. Instead of giving up, we decided to take a detour to Target. I grabbed an iced coffee, Lindsey got popcorn, and we browsed all the pretty spring dresses, shoes and stationary. After exercising all our self control, we made it back to the zoo in time for most of the families to exit for nap time! 

pretty kitty

gotta be honest. he reminded me of the scary mutant monkeys from Catching Fire! Ah.

The gorilla habitat was especially large and well designed. This guy (below) watched us as we walked all the way around, and followed us down to this window, pausing to enjoy a moment with us before the crowds pushed in with their fancy cameras and big strollers. (not that there's anything wrong with fancy cameras or strollers ;) 

Lindsey matched this fun wall so well! 

the baby elephants were definitely a highlight- so playful and cute! 

Hey Aslan

the squirrels in the zoo had no fear, bobbing in and out of each enclosure, 
sneaking up to tourists to steal snacks. I wanted to take this one home :)

The penguins coupled off for snuggle time in the afternoon. Did you know there are only four species of penguins that live in cold climates? At least ten species of penguins live in warmer, more temperate climates! 

Look at this swift fox. Oh! That face. 

And the otters are always my favorite. They have so much fun! 

After a long afternoon of strolling around the zoo, Lindsey and I enjoyed the sunset and breeze at Clear Fork Food Park. She grabbed a burger and fries from The Smoke Wagon while I tried the duck tacos from Holy Frijole. Duck, with mushrooms and spinach, served with a mole sauce- they were pretty amazing, as you can see. I also got a glass of Good Karma Kitchen's freshly muddled strawberry basil lemonade. This combination was truly perfect at the end of our day, delicious and flavorful without being greasy or heavy! 

I couldn't resist trying Gypsy Scoops ice cream for dessert. I got a scoop of Gypsy Bride (vanilla ice cream with wedding cake and chocolate chunks) and a scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter. The quality was outstanding- so rich and creamy! The Gypsy Bride flavor worked so well- I could've eaten a whole carton of it! I'll definitely be back this summer for more. 

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  1. What a fun trip!!! I have been dreaming of a day just like that, ice cream and all! :) I'm glad you got a day with your sister!


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